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Relevant worl experince Essay

Essay Topic:

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Relevant Work Experience: It is important if you want to become a football manager to have past experience at a previous club. It is important because football team want people who know what to do and they also want to know what team you coached. As they want coaches who have played for rival or other professional team. When a new manager who doesn’t have previous it is very likely for the football club not to take him as they need someone who can maintain the club financial status and someone who has a proper training schedule for the players.

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It is very important for the manager to know what he is doing as if the club fails to win and they start to lose money the club would go down into a bottom league and most of the players would leave as the club would not afford to pay there wages, and the club would just be at a terrible state just because the coach never had experience. This is a very important factor if you want to become a coach. It is better for a football manager to start off at a very small club then to move there way up and so or later they would be coaching a very to club.

Qualifications: When being a football coach it is very important to have the right qualifications needed as without them it would be very hard to keep the club stable. To be a football coach it is important to know how to speak many different languages as many players on the team could be foreign and it would be hard to communicate with them when training as they would not know what to d-o as they would not know what you are saying. Also it would be a bonus if the coach has a GCSE pass grade as the club might want the coach to know how to balance his money and how to calculate profit and how much they club earns or loses every match. Also it is smart to have because the owner would be giving you money to manage for a period of time, this mean he has to do a lot of calculations as he has to pay the players wages he has to see the money coming in from the tickets etc. To become a sports coach you will need a coaching qualification which is recognised by the national governing body (NGB) for your sport.

Industry/ Market knowledge: It is very important for a football coach to know information about other teams and to know information about the team you are going to coach. It is very important for a football coach to know about other team as he will be playing them with his team so it is wise to know information about them, so when you are playing them you know what to do. Also it is important that you know how to manage money wisely as the money could go very quickly.

For example Leeds United was a club who where getting very successful and they had a good team. But then they started getting in debt as they started owning many people money, and the shareholders the demanded money as the were not getting money, then the players demanded wages and then the club had to pay off so many people then they were in debt. The club were relegated and they lost all there player, and they still owe people money now. This is a mistake that managers with knowledge avoid as they have to plan what they are going to do.

Deadlines/ market targets: It is important for a coach to meet there deadlines and targets. Every year a coach is given a target buy the shareholders on where they should finish in the league or what cup they should win. This is very important as meeting the targets could get coaches easily fired, this is because the owners set the target and they own the club so they can do whatever they like. When the stakeholders give the coach the target they make sure that is realistic but the also make sure it is achievable. If these targets are met then the club would be very happy with the coach and there job would be stable. Also if the targets are made then the coach and the whole team could receive a raise. These targets are very important. Football managers are not really given deadlines, the only deadlines they are given are presenting the income and out come of the club financially.

Personal Qualities

A coach has many roles to play. Coaches are often role models for their performers and to play these roles successfully demands many qualities. To be an effective coach and gain the respect and trust of participants, you will need a range of skills.

Patient: In order to be a good you have to be patient, patience is the key to success. Firstly when a manager is at a match watching his team play the opponent he has to be patient as the team could not score and some managers might get very impatient and they might start getting angry at the other team. Also when a team loses it is harsh for the manager as he might be angry but he has to keep his emotions to himself and try motivating the team. Also when the team is not wining the coach has to be patient as he does not want to be too rude and aggressive toward the team as they would get upset and their morale would be bad.

Being patient is what all managers need as without being patient they would not be successful. For example, if a coach just bought a new player and the player is not scoring or playing good the team, shareholders and fans would get angry and impatient but the manager has to be calm and give the player time so that the player would get comfortable and would have faith as the manager is not showing signs of frustration.

Hardworking: Every manager has to be hardworking as they cannot show any signs of weakness as they could be sacked if the team is losing a lot. Being a manager is a lot of stress as there is a lot of pressure put on the manager so it is important that the coach put 100% into the training sessions in which he gives the squad. When the manager is choosing the team he has to make sure that the team is fit and prepared for the match. He has to inspire the team to the best of his ability and he has to do anything possible to make the team win, this all requires hard work.

Organised: A manager has to be organised as the team would get muddled up if everything is not organised. In addition, the training sessions have to be organised as each player has to be trained properly so that they are fit enough to play in the match. Also the manager has to organise the money given to him, as he is not meant to spend the money on stupid thing. Also the manager has to organise the player’s diets and what they eat before a match. They also have to organise who they are going to buy and who they are going to sell on there team. Also the manager has to get himself and the team to a match on time so he has to leave at the right time because there could be traffic delays, also they have to do a warm up session before the match.

Interpersonal: A football coach has to be very interpersonal as he trains the football players on the team so he has to have a good relationship with all the players. This is because when players are not happy the leave the club and this is not good all the time as they might be a key player. Also the manager has to be interpersonal with the owners and shareholders of the club as they are who he works for so it is important to have a good relationship with them. You also have to talk to them about what the teams attitude is and where you think they are going to finish at the end of the season. You also have to be interpersonal; with members of staff like a assistant manager and a goal keeper coach etc.

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