Relationships Play a Big Role in Our Life

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Relationships are developed without even recognizing the fact that they are forming. More often than not humans have thousands of relationships that they are involved with every day. When considering the idea of relationships most people only think of the obvious relationships they have with family, significant others, and friendships. Little do people grasp the fact that they have relationships with every person they see each day and with the community they live in. The relationships humans form play a large role in the decisions we make and the person we become, but the decisions we make also play a role in all of those relationships.

Unnoticed relationships dictate our actions and decisions. The clear relationships that most people put effort into are family, significant others and friendships and those relationships do play part in humans lives, those are the people that time is spent with and daily routines and lifestyles are formed with. To consider the idea that the cashier at the grocery store also plays a role in your life seems crazy.

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That same person that is just ringing up your groceries is at work trying to make a living to support themselves and without people like that cashier then grocery shopping at the store is eliminated as one of the convenient sources of food. The stuff we do every day that builds relationships between other humans can be so minimal and often times we don’t even realize the impact that it has on us.

Relationships are not just between other people.

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Relationships are also between people and the community they live in, the hobbies they are involved in, and the lifestyle they have grown up in. Living in a small town creates specific traditions and types of living that big cities don’t have. A person growing up and living in a small town in Texas might have an agricultural background of some sort, Friday nights the town shuts down for the local high school football game and more than likely they will know their neighbor and most of the town. That same person has a relationship with that small town, they will live and do specific things because of where the live and the life that is created for people in that town. People make choices to participate in different hobbies throughout their life that become part of a daily or weekly routine for them. A person involved with sports will spend hours and hours working out and practicing. Most likely even post-involvement of sports these people will still stay focused on heathy living and continue to work out and stay in shape. The relationship that this person developed through sports created a pattern for their lifestyle. They will work out daily and stay in shape which then often time dictates who they spend time and what they spend their time doing. Relationships with where you come from or live and the hobbies you choose to be involved with typically will lay out a pattern for a lifestyle that someone will live.

The people we spend our time with, the hobbies we are involved in, and the lifestyle we live becomes a pattern. People who choose to associate with people who are involved with negative actions often times will fall into a pattern of doing those same things. Choosing to play a sport and focus on a healthy lifestyle requires effort and dedication to practice, work out and eat healthy and those actions become a pattern. That is a pattern that most likely someone will follow even after they are no longer playing a sport. Living in a small town that shuts down for Friday night games where you know your neighbor and everyone waves as they drive by creates a lifestyle and a way of living that becomes a pattern. Life is full of patterns that we have created through decisions and relationships that we make with people, places and things.

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