Relationships Essay Topics

Impact of divorce and remarriage on intergenerational relationships

Any stressful event always constitutes negative effect on an individual that experienced crisis like divorce; the experience was traumatic especially with children. Memories of a painful divorce can offer ambivalence in the child which rankles into emotional problems in adulthood. “Children of divorced parents often feel cheated of the happy intact homes in which they… View Article

Roles of Communication in Relationships

Communication as term covers just about all interactions with other persons. It includes sharing of information, feelings and ideas between people. It is therefore a vital tool to our very existence. We can probably think of many occasions when lack of communication has left us feeling angry or worried. Each one can identify one recent… View Article

Romantic love

Relationships are present in every aspect of life. These are helpful in the fulfilment of different tasks, especially when dealing with life in general. One of the most popular relationships is Friendship. As known to many, there are different kinds of friendship that exist among people. These usually depend on the depth of friendship two… View Article

EU-Turkey Relationships

Present day Turkey stood up from the ruins of the vanquished Ottoman Empire in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal, who is recognized as the “Father of the Turks. ” Although he used authoritarianism to rule the country, Kemal instituted various legal, political, and social reforms. Initially, only a single party ruled Turkey but in 1950 there… View Article

Social relationships

Everybody would agree that friendship courses through our lives, yet its precise nature is unique for every person and, therefore, is difficult to define. Typically, friendship is thought of as a voluntary relationship. Since there are few formal rules or rituals sanctioning friendship in this culture, people enter and exit friendships as they choose. Further,… View Article


We all have or will date in our lifetime so what is the best one? The first, the last, the one where something happened in the end? Women and men have different answers to that question but what we can all agree on is that there is nothing like a blind date. You get such… View Article

Psychodynamic Theories and Interpersonal Relationships

The Psychodynamic approach is concerned with how important man’s development experiences are in shaping his or her personality traits, such as conflicting feelings, interpersonal interactions, sources of motivation, and defense mechanism. It is founded on the premise that human behavior and relationships are defined by conscious and unconscious elements, a combination of external reality and… View Article

Outline Influence of Childhood Experiences on Adult Relationships

Individuals differ in their relationships; psychologists have researched whether adult relationships are related to early experiences in life. Bowlby believes that the type of relationship the individual has with their primary caregiver gives a basis of a future relationship. This is called the internal working model. The fear of strangers represents an important survival mechanism,… View Article

Understanding Relationships

The way we build relationships with children and young people changes according to the age and stage of their development. Responding to a 14-year-old in the same way as a 3-year-old is obviously not going to work. Reassurance and approval are important as children are beginning to develop an awareness of themselves, and it is… View Article

Social Networking on Relationships

Social networking sites have a negative influence on children, teenagers and adults. “A social networking site can be defined as an online service that is based around the building and reflecting of social relations among individuals with common interests or social ties,” . Social networking sites such as Facebook, Skype, and Twitter all vary slightly…. View Article

Key Relationships

In order to ensure that the venture keeps track of the competitive force and extent of competition in the market, the business shall establish a strong and positive link with sales representatives working for various companies in the bike industry. Many suppliers will also be identified and their contacts kept as integral part of the… View Article

Cyberspace and Human Relationships

There was a time when people were divided into 2 groups: those with social skills that help them in interacting with others, and those without the needed social skills to interact thus causing them to retreat into a shell or their own little vacuum of a world. These groups no longer exist in today’s world… View Article

A Qualititive Study Showing Adults Perceprion

The study examines how adults perceive the influence of ‘significant others’ on their lives in the context of developmental psychology and attachment theory. Thematic analysis was conducted on a previously filmed DVD and it’s transcript of a semi-structured interview. Carrying out the analysis the researcher has found themes showing that ‘significant others’ do in fact… View Article