Relationships Essay Topics

Personal relationships

As human beings we all have similar interests however, Rosenbaum (1986b) proposed a repulsion interpretation for this well –established relationship. According to Rosenbaum, attitude similarity does not lead to liking, but attitude dis-similarity does indeed lead to repulsion. Attraction toward a person described by the individual’s personality alone differs when paired with a photograph or… View Article

Outline and evaluate research into the nature of relationships

A further difference found in the nature of relationships across cultures is the level of continuity. Western societies commonly thrive for change and progress, and so relationships also inevitably undergo change. Because of this, relationships within Western cultures are usually discontinuous and only temporary. In many Eastern cultures, they have a high regard for heritage… View Article

A Contrast between Relationships

Christianity has done a great deal for love by making a sin of it. -Anatole France Julia, 26 years old, is Winston’s lover. Her name is very carefully chosen; it suggests Juliet, the Shakespearean character whose name has been connected to love. At the beginning of the book Winston hates her yet at the same… View Article

Compare and Contrast the Presentation of Family Relationships

‘Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit’ (OANTOF) by Jeanette Winterson, and ‘Behind the Scenes at the Museum’ (BTSATM) by Kate Atkinson both highlight the fundamentality of families and the dissatisfaction experienced between these seemingly strained relationships. Both protagonists of the two books feel a sense of unacceptance due to a variety of reasons involving suppression… View Article

Live and relationships

My mother said I never should is a play which explores the lives and relationships of four generations of women from the same family living in Manchester and London in the 20th centaury , . Through snapshots and key moments in their lives , that are not shown in chronological order. The oldest of the… View Article

Relationships Between Society and Religion

The relationship between religion and society has provided the focus for some of the greatest works of sociology (one thinks of Durkheim, Pareto, and Weber, as well as Marx and Parsons). Samuel Delbert, a Canadian sociologist, rebelled against what he saw as the static concerns of American sociologists, trained his eyes on the process of… View Article

Impact of divorce and remarriage on intergenerational relationships

Any stressful event always constitutes negative effect on an individual that experienced crisis like divorce; the experience was traumatic especially with children. Memories of a painful divorce can offer ambivalence in the child which rankles into emotional problems in adulthood. “Children of divorced parents often feel cheated of the happy intact homes in which they… View Article

Roles of Communication in Relationships

Communication as term covers just about all interactions with other persons. It includes sharing of information, feelings and ideas between people. It is therefore a vital tool to our very existence. We can probably think of many occasions when lack of communication has left us feeling angry or worried. Each one can identify one recent… View Article

Romantic love

Relationships are present in every aspect of life. These are helpful in the fulfilment of different tasks, especially when dealing with life in general. One of the most popular relationships is Friendship. As known to many, there are different kinds of friendship that exist among people. These usually depend on the depth of friendship two… View Article

EU-Turkey Relationships

Present day Turkey stood up from the ruins of the vanquished Ottoman Empire in 1923 by Mustafa Kemal, who is recognized as the “Father of the Turks. ” Although he used authoritarianism to rule the country, Kemal instituted various legal, political, and social reforms. Initially, only a single party ruled Turkey but in 1950 there… View Article

Social relationships

Everybody would agree that friendship courses through our lives, yet its precise nature is unique for every person and, therefore, is difficult to define. Typically, friendship is thought of as a voluntary relationship. Since there are few formal rules or rituals sanctioning friendship in this culture, people enter and exit friendships as they choose. Further,… View Article


We all have or will date in our lifetime so what is the best one? The first, the last, the one where something happened in the end? Women and men have different answers to that question but what we can all agree on is that there is nothing like a blind date. You get such… View Article

Psychodynamic Theories and Interpersonal Relationships

The Psychodynamic approach is concerned with how important man’s development experiences are in shaping his or her personality traits, such as conflicting feelings, interpersonal interactions, sources of motivation, and defense mechanism. It is founded on the premise that human behavior and relationships are defined by conscious and unconscious elements, a combination of external reality and… View Article

Outline Influence of Childhood Experiences on Adult Relationships

Individuals differ in their relationships; psychologists have researched whether adult relationships are related to early experiences in life. Bowlby believes that the type of relationship the individual has with their primary caregiver gives a basis of a future relationship. This is called the internal working model. The fear of strangers represents an important survival mechanism,… View Article