Relationship With Students Essay

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Relationship With Students

Children spend most of their time inside the school dealing with their peers and their teachers. This is where they learn how to communicate and interact with different kinds of people. It is important that they learn how to socialize because it will improve their relationship with their peers. More importantly, it is essential that they learn how to have a good relationship with their teachers because these are the people who serve as their mentors as they go through their academic life.

“Each party has much to offer each other as they work together in the classroom, learning and exploring together” (Poetter, Pierson, Caivano, Stanley, Anderson, & Hughes, 1997, p. 201). However, because of the time students and teachers spend with each other, some of them have taken their relationships to the next level. An inappropriate student-teacher relationship can be seen when there are too much physical contact between the two of them. Normally, students feel that their teachers are superior to them and that their presence means authority.

This means that there should only be no or minimal physical contact because they respect each other’s personal spaces. Another sign of an inappropriate student-teacher relationship is when a certain student is given too much attention or concern as compared to the rest of the class or the whole school. They spend too much time with each other after class hours or even during the weekends for “tutoring. ” There are also those who do not like to be obvious and choose to ignore each other in the presence of many people.

Still, no matter how they try to hide or show what is going on between them, they should still realize that their relationship is wrong and that someone, hopefully the older and more mature one, between them should try to stop the relationship from happening and progressing even further for their sake.


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