Relationship between job roles functions Essay

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Relationship between job roles functions

In this coursework I will be analysing the relationship between job roles functions and and organisations structure using appropriate illustrative examples.

The aims of Thorpe park is ‘to deliver memorable experience to millions of customers in the safest possible way’ Answer these questions to explain how the following helps Thorpe park achieve its aims.

Why is it important that Thorpe Park has separate customer assistants, supervisors and managers? Use 1 area of Thorpe Park e.g. the Food & Beverage area to help explain why. Thorpe park has separate customer assistants supervisors and managers because if a customer has a problem with a specific department for example food beverage then the customer assistance from that pacific area can help but if it was to be all together then the business wouldn’t flow steadily in facts everything would be mixed up and customers would be unhappy and Thorpe park would loose customers and money this is why organisation skills are important if everything was mixed the Thorpe park would know what to improve and do.managers has the most authority then comes supervisor then customer assistants and then the managers have control over supervisors and they have control over customer services etc they have different job roles and all of the different job roles help that department run smoothly making sure there aware of their duties and responsibilities and who to go to if theres a problem this is why team work is very important for all small and large business like Thorpe park.

Why has Thorpe Park organised its employees into ‘areas’ e.g. Guest Services / Retail / Human Resources / Health & Safety etc. What advantages does this give Thorpe Park? Dividing employees into areas gives Thorpe park a advantage because it makes it organised and neat for example if someone has a problem with there tickets they can go to guest services manager this allows Thorpe park to track what they need to improve on as each area they would need to change something in each areas in order to short the problem as this shows the general manager the performance of each area the weaknesses and the strengths organisational skills and problem solving skills are a good idea. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Thorpe Park having a tall organisational structure? Are there any disadvantages?

The advantage of thorpe park having a tall organisational structure is because the general manager of Thorpe park is responsible for less employees as there is managers for each area such as health and safety manager,finance manager,human resources manager etc.the general manager is only responsible for area managers the fewer people at the top who manager people below them and at the lower levers there are more employees and fewer managers the function of each layer will be clear and distinc there will clear lines of control and responsibilitys and each employee can be closly supervised.however the disadvantages of Thorpe park having a tall organisational structure are that there are a lot of manager levels than a flat chart who have fewer manager levels having a tall structure means slower decision making for example the product enginer at a small business can talk to the owner straight away however in a larger business cannot respond quickly beacause several management layers could be involved in the decision making tall structures usually mean higher costs for different management layers meaning a lot of money is being spent of a large business like Thorpe park in order to have all these different areas in Thorpe park.another disadvantage is that communication is a problem as if has to go through many layers before reaching a final outcome.

Explain how having separate job roles, business ‘areas’ & a well organised employee structure help Thorpe Park achieve their aim to ‘deliver memorable experiences to millions of customers in the safest way’. Having separate job roles business areas and a well organised employee structure helps Thorpe park achieve their aim as it will make the business it sell organised having seperat job roles keeps the employees in categories and aware of what their duties and responsibilities are and also they can be clearly supervised and made sure they are achieving what they want and working hard.having a well organised employees structure keeps the employees focused on one thing instead of more things meaning the better the job will get done as responsibility gets shared out.

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