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Relationship between Frankestein and the Creature Essay

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He may have also thought that in creating the female creature they would multiply causing even more havoc. In defence of an attack he said ‘you may torture me, but I will never consent’ Once again the creature showed his adulthood and instead of threatening him, he reasoned with him. He began with threats, ‘I will revenge my injuries: if I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear and chiefly towards you my arch enemy These 2 chapters show the creature with quite an adult approach to a situation that he could have lost his temper very easily.

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It also shows Frankenstein show mixed emotions, beginning with him full of rage and ending up with him deciding to create a female counterpart for the creature, although he still wasn’t sure. Chapter 23 begins with Frankenstein telling the reader how he was feeling every night, at the threat of the creature attacking him. ‘Every sound terrified me’. He knew, or he thought, that his death would come soon and didn’t want to die in front of Elizabeth, especially being killed by some one she had never seen before and would address Frankenstein in such a way that it would seem they were friends.

Elizabeth notices the agitation and asked him ‘what is it that agitates you my dear Victor’, and he had to lie to avoid answering the question, telling the reader that he was still worried about what the creature would do to him. When Frankenstein let her go to their house by herself, he had made a huge mistake. As he searched for the creature he heard a scream from Elizabeth’s room. As he rushed back he found her lying dead, and instantaneously knew it was at the hands of the creature. ‘Murderous mark of the fiends grasp’. As he looked up he saw the creature, and shot at him as if it were the only thing left to do.

‘A grin was on the face of the monster’, ‘ drew the pistol from my bosom, shot’ As people heard the shot a crowd appeared and followed the creatures path, Frankenstein followed in all his rage but turned back as he feared for the safety of his friends that were still there. I think the creature did this because Frankenstein didn’t grant him his wish. Also, all the creature had wanted was happiness and now the main source of happiness Frankenstein had was gone. The creature was almost working on a basis of equality. Sorrow of all the deaths turned into anger and anger turned in to rage.

He had now almost vowed to kill the monster, but needed some money. He turned to a magistrate who denied him, saying ‘which would put all my exertions to defiance. ‘ This infuriated Frankenstein more, who had to now think of his own way to capture the creature. Events in this chapter have caused Frankenstein to make a thought of killing the creature a reality, and the creature’s anger is shown by the death of Elizabeth. Frankenstein shows great courage in trekking all the way to the north to locate the creature and destroy him.

He had kissed the graves of all those that the creature had killed and told them that he would kill the creature if it were the last thing he did. This shows the reader how determined and devoted he is to kill the creature. Almost as determined and devoted as when he created it. This gives the reader a feeling of what will happen, the first time he got involved in one big thing it had disastrous effects, will the same happen here? The chapters end with Frankenstein telling us, or Walton, how he had reached the boat the story then concludes in a serried of letters, just like the story began.

Throughout the story I have parted with the creature because he had to go from being something that had been created to something that had to learn to live with humans by himself. He had also learnt to read and write himself. He was in the same boat as Frankenstein when Elizabeth and Frankenstein’s mother got scarlet fever, lonely. Also the creature had only demanded one thing from Frankenstein who had promised him this, but then abruptly changed his mind. Frankenstein should have made more of an effort to see the creature point of view and how he was feeling.

The relationship between the creature and Frankenstein is dramatic and interesting for a modern reader, because it is similar to a modern relationship between 2 people. There are always ups and downs, lies and promises that are broken. The main characterization that has made an impact on me is pity for the monster. This is because the monster tries so hard to be loved and in return he is rejected every time from his creator and other people. Even though he kills a lot of Victor’s family, he hasn’t been taught that killing people is wrong.

He hasn’t been taught anything since he was created. He had never had a father or mother to teach him what was right and what was wrong. Nevertheless, like man, the creature is basically good. The monster turns into a monster only after his love is not reciprocated. Shelley shows that monsters are made by the environment and their experiences in life. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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