Reinhard Heydrich Essay

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Reinhard Heydrich

When we remember or hear of the holocaust, the common names that follow , Anne Frank, Oscar Shinler, Hitler and so on, but has anyone hare Hitlereard of Reinhard Heitritch? Reinhard Heitritch is a man who played a very large role in the developement of the holocaust, he was the achitect who implemented the solution to the “Jewish Question”. He started out by joining the SS in 1931, and formed an organization for gathering information, the SD (Sicherheitsdienst), or SS Security Service. This organization was created to organize and gather information on those who were any threat to Hitler and all members of the Nazi Party as well.

It started out small, with a single typewriter but it was not long before many others joined and expanded onto the organization. Because of the SD or SS security Service and it’s success, ReinHard Heydrich was sent the direction of his own personal success, power, and role in the hollocaust. From joining the SS as an ordinary SS member, to being promoted as SS Major by Dec. 1931 (the same year he joined), SS Colonel in 1932, and SS Brigadier General in 1933. In this highest position, Heydrich was now arresting, instead of gathering information on those who were any threat to Hitler.

The number of people Reinhard Heydrich arrested was massive and lead to many being put into Dachau for there was no room left in the prisons. In between the arrests, Heydrich began using greater punishment to anyone against Nazism. Such as murdering and torturing suspect who he selected without careful judgement. As his power increased, along with the power of the Nazis, so did the darkness inside of him as a Nazi. Reinhard Heydrich had slowly become more and more involved in the developement of the first steps of the hollocaust, and also the seconf world war.

As the Nazis took over Austria in March 1938, Heydrich opened an office there for Jewish Emigration. It’s purpose was to give permits to Jews who wanted to leave Austria, and an estimate of 100, 000 emigrated. Reinhard Heydrich had also been part of Kristallnacht, what some say was the very start of the hollocaust. After the attack of the jews, 25, 000 Jewish men were ordered by Heydrich to be sent to concentration camps In 1941, Reinhard Heydrich had made the calls that killed a massive number of people. The half a million jews who died from starvation and murder in Ghettos such as Warsaw and Krakow were ordered by Heydrich to be sent there.

By 1939, he was given complete control over the Reich Main Security Office (RSHA). This final group he’d gained power over, involving the SD, Criminal Police and Gestapo was the group responsible for the unthinkable amount of deaths in Europe. While leader of this organization, he’d now been attending important Nazi conferences. While at a conference on January, 20, 1942, Reinhard Heydrich declared the final solution to the Jewish question The usage of Zyklon-B had then been decided for the extermination of Jews at death camps after being deported to the east.

The first camp that this methode began at was Auschwitz, where three million had been killed, most from gas chambers. That was Reinhard Heydrich’s rise to power, his role and impact on the developement on the holocaust. Froming joining the SS to announcing the “final solution” at a Conference, it’s absolutely scary how simple it was for a man to reach the positions he did, and leave such an inconceivable mark in the history of the world. What is also just as terrifying and inconceivable is that Reinhard Heydrich also had a family that he loved very much and he played a very peaceful instrument.

When learning that Heydrich had a gentle, innocent and loving side to him outside of his work, it’s very difficult to think he had it, while knowing what this man did. This is why i created this model, to demonstrate the two opposite sides to him, and my wonder (Like Mr. Jarvis talked about before) how he could switch his mind and heart when coming home to a normal life with his family, after designing a plan to kill an unthinkable amount of people. People who could have been almost identical to the people he loved at home.

At the back, this is a picture of the car he’d been assassinated in. The constant power he’d been gaining along the way to the position where he declared the “final solution”, made him over confident, arrogant and stubborn. He one day decided to leave his house in his car without any security, and was assassinated by Czech underground agents who threw a bomb at his car. The bomb injured him badly and he died days later in the hospital from blood poisoning, he died on June 4 1942.

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