Reinhard Heydrich During the Holocaust

During the Holocaust, major perpetrators became involved with Adolf Hitler’s genocidal murder spree. Each perpetrator helped in various ways, such as leading concentration camps or performing human experimentation. One of the major perpetrators was a man named Reinhard Heydrich. Reinhard Heydrich was a military man before and during WW II, becoming a wanted man.

Before the beginning of WW II, Reinhard Heydrich was given tasks that he quickly succeeded in and received promotions for. He was talked into going to the SS unit for an interview, which Himmler hired him in a blink of an eye (Herold).

Even after being hired, he quickly worked his ranks up again and succeeded in his tasks quickly and efficiently. He was so well with brutally enforcing Hitler’s and his murderous plans that he was given the title Reichsssecherheitshauptamt (Washington). This would continue until he used his success for a much worse purpose than to possibly gain more power.

During WW II, the powers that grew in Heydrich was great enough for him to become involved in the “Jewish Problems” (Tagart).

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He desired power to the point where even his comrades became afraid of him (Washington). He was given the nickname “The Hangman of Europe” for ruthlessly eliminating any and every form of rebellion in Germany (Tagart). He would continue to murder Jewish victims and anyone who could and would stop the NAZI until he has been stopped. He gets stopped by the loss of his life.

As time marches on with murdering and being power-lusted, Reinhard Heydrich would soon be dead.

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Reinhard eventually was assigned to be the eradicate the Czechs. He planned to gain their trust by making it look like he was helping him when really he was going to hurt them (Herold). The Czech exile government in London made some resistance plans to not only to eliminate Heydrich but also to discourage the work cooperation with the Germans (Tagart). How does Reinhard Heydrich the “Hangman of Europe” get eliminated? He would be eliminated by assassination.

During the assassination, there were trained assassins who were told to assassinate Reinhard Heydrich (Tagart). The assassinators failed at assassinating Heydrich but causes him to go to the hospital and he dies there (Herold). The infection on Heydrich’s lower back and legs was what killed him whereas Herold argues that he died in a coma (Washington). Either way, he died in agony (Tagart). The Czech would soon learn that for every action they do, there would be an equal and opposite reaction or, in this case, a positive or negative consequence.

After Heydrich’s death, he had two funerals and one of them Hitler attended to (Herold). He was given the Blood Order Medal even though he had a major war record already (Herold). Hitler and the Nazis unleashed genocide against the Czech people killing all the boys over sixteen and sending the women and children to death camps to be tortured and killed (Washington). Frank unleashed the SS unit to Protectorate to kill Heydrich’s assassinators, kill every man and women, send children either to camps or to adoptive families, and would continue this for the next three years (Tagart). All of these genocidal actions toward Czech people would continue until the end of WW II and they would be free.

So, in conclusion, Reinhard Heydrich was a successful and murderous man before and during WW II, until he was assassinated for being a wanted man. It is because of these perpetrators that millions of innocent lives have been lost and some to change negatively. They’re also the reason that anyone who has studied or witnessed WW II must keep this as a reminder not to let differences be the reason for hatred or else there might be another and possibly much worse worldwide genocide.

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