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Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (450 words)
Categories: Advanced Technology, Biology, Genetics, Technology
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Are intended to allow us to safely use the benefits of biotech.Help in developing and using biotech products and services.

Nature and Purposes of Regulations

Regulation- is a law or a principle or any other directive. Regulations apply to the production, sale, and use of biotechnology products, such as GMO(genetically modified organism). GMOs are carefully tested and documented before products are available in the market. GMOs must be labeled and used according to instructions.

Users must have prescribed trainings and sign contracts.Agricultural producers must segregate GMO crops from other crops.

Purposes of RegulationsRegulations are designed to protect people, other living organisms, and the environment .Some nations refuse to accept GMO grain, cotton, and animal products. Harvested crops must be kept separately and its overall purpose is to protect.


Regulates biotechnology are at the federal, state, and local levels.State and local level regulations vary, but not to violate those of the federal government.

The Regulations are by 3 branches of the federal government. The Legislative Department , the Executive Department and the Judicial Department.

The Legislative Department regulations are rooted in the laws enacted by the Congress of the United States. Once passed by the Congress, the President must sign to approve the law. The Executive branch can issue executive orders that influence biotechnology. Only the President has the authority to issue these Regulations.

Responsible AgenciesThree agencies in the Federal Government have primary responsibilities for administering laws related to biotechnology. The U.S. of America’s Department of Agriculture is the one who whether products are safe to use on cultured crops or animals. The United States Environmental Protection Agency on the other hand is to assure a quality environment.

The FDAU.S. Food and Drug Administration is responsible for all the laws that are designed to assure the safety of food and drugs.

Getting a product approvedApplication forms must include reports of all testing needed to gain approval.Some products are granted only for experimental purposes.

PermitsA permit is a written approval granted by the appropriate government agencies.Permit is needed to introduce products that are regulated. A regulated organism is also known as a genetically engineered organisms which needs permit so that it can be transported and can be brought to other places.


Organizations provide guidelines and opportunities for communication among biotechnologists world-wide.

Biotechnology Industry Organization is the largest trade organization which provides leadership & guidance to help its members advance the overall industry.


Confidentiality is keeping information on biotechnology secret or confidential. Confidential business information (CBI) is a government agency that gains approval to transport or release a regulated organism. All data and information is protected & not released to insure that the investment of the company is protected.

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