Regular basis Essay

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Regular basis

The new four day work week is causing frenzy in the corporate world as more employees are writing proposals for a compressed work week. The advantages of this short, long-hour work week is the security of a full-time income in a fewer days of the week. Professionals with families and other social responsibilities are finding these advantages a great way to add more fulfilling events in their lives.

The advancement of technology has allowed many professionals to remain home to complete majority of their assignments while shortening their commute to work on a regular basis. The advantage of a short week also gives professionals an opportunity to recuperate every other day instead of prolonged work hours as a regular 40-hour week. With these great opportunities comes more responsibilities including increased workload in less days, increased hours per work day, and childcare expenses to cover additional work hours in the four day week.

The increased workload comes from the additional hours added into one work day versus the consistent 8-hour day many professionals work now. In reality, today’s professionals work approximately 50-60 hours a week anyway. A compressed work week could turn into 13-14 hour work days if they are not careful. The prolonged working schedules can increase the employee’s likeliness of high-stress, burnout, and fatigue from constant demands. Some professionals feel these advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the four day week.

The impact of this opportunity affects the professional more than anyone. Employers must think of the workloads they are offering their employees, but the responsibilities to make those decisions are primarily up to the professional. The needs of freedom and consistency means there is a price to pay for the work completed by many professionals. Professionals driven by the four day work week could offer employer’s an opportunity to recuperate from a rigorous schedule too.

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