Registration System Essay

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Registration System


The use of computer is an advantage to every individual who demands innovation and growth; nowadays, many educational institutions had amalgamated technology and education mutually that enables this institution provide a high education for the clients.

This research will serve as an academic guide for the Computerized Enrollment System that the proponents will be doing in Lycees Regis Marie Montessori. The proponents decided to make a Computerized Enrollment System to help the school to have an efficient and easy way to record/register a new/old student. With the computerized enrollment system, the school may not keep the files or other information of their students in a hardcopy; instead they can save it in the system. And also data retrieval and data manipulation is easy; once the data is entered you will get so many information and reports at your fingertips. Information System (IS) is the study of information production, flow and used within organizational needs. The scope of its include manual, computer based and other forms of automated procedures and application of information technology in general.

The looks at enrollment system for Lycees Regis Marie Montessori it stores details of the students, subject, year and section. It also use as a local assessment for Lycees Regis Marie Montessori. The enrollment system has been designed for the Lycees Regis Marie Montessori students, faculty and staff for easy and fast releasing of any enrollment form or paper and also to purposes of fast and efficient process of encoding of all enrolees in the school.

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There are offering pre-school, elementary, high school and college level. Lycees Regis Marie Montessori has four (4) high school level – 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th year. In June 2000 the school opened its doors to freshmen and sophomore students for college students that willing to enrol and take educational courses for primary and secondary level. Each year level divided into 8 sections with an average of 25-35 individuals for each year level. One the advantages in this school is that all and most of students that are willing to enrol in different level from pre-school go to elementary, in their high school and in college level which offering a educational courses.

Background of the problem

The transaction in the Lycees Regis Marie Montessori is manual enrollment system which they cannot do it in an easy way because they only have one person who is assigned to manage the enrollment system. It is very time consuming and they having difficulties in searching the student data or information they need. In using manual system is a time consuming procedure wherein slow and hard to manage. They are also having trouble when it comes to data manipulation, if a student need to change certain information in their data, they will have to fill up another information sheet to be able to replace their old data.

After studying the important aspects in all the problems encountered in the school’s current system, the proponents proposed the study of having a computerized system to the management of the school. With this computerized enrollment system, the proponents will ensure that they will have less work to do. Also this will let them save students / staff’s files in an efficient manner. And with just few clicks they will be able to retrieve a data. And for the administrator level, they may edit data in the system whenever needed. Overview of the current state of technology

The enrollment system has been designed for the Lycees Regis Marie Montessori students, faculty and staff for easy and fast releasing of any enrollment form or paper and also to purposes of fast and efficient process of encoding of all enrolees in the school.

Transaction Processing System (TPS) is a computerized information system that developed to process large amount of data for routine business transaction, run on automatic basis at regular intervals and needs a very little decision making once it is set-up. TPS support day-to-day activities of the system.

TPS eliminates the tedium of necessary operational transaction and reduce the required to perform specific task manually, although people must still input data to the computerized system.

Project rationale

The study focuses on developing a support teaching material that will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge in a more simple way through a direct learning-teaching activity between the student and the computer individually. The following will benefit the proposed system:

Regular Students

The students will only have to input their information once, once their information is in the system; it will be saved as long as they are studying in the school. This allows the student to reap the benefit of a massive cost reduction in their annual enrolment and enrollment process. No more paper to lose, no more trying to figure out what the parent wrote. Instead you end up with clear validated data that is ready for your student management system.


By using the computerized enrollment system, their old manual process will turn into computerized, wherein when a student enrols, the student’s data will be saved in the system. The system will benefit the faculty in a manner that it will lessen their work in a way that you only have to save a student’s data once, as long as they are studying in the school, their data is saved in the system. This System will also let them edit the information of a student in a very easy way.


By creating the system, the developers will be able to apply the acquired knowledge and discover new programming techniques along the creation of the system.

Future Researchers

The system that will be made can be used as a reference for the future students with the same course that the proponents are taking. This Documentation may also be used as a guide for their research study.

Description Project

2.1Problem Statement

The proponents studied the history of the school to have a successful outcome of project for Lycees Regis Marie Montessori to improve their services and to replace their manual transaction to computerized enrollment system.

The proponents planned to create a computerized enrollment system, a replacement to the old transaction that our client did for long time. By analyzing on that, the proponents decided to gathered information by interviewing and researching to determine their scope in the project and its limitation. The proponents generate and construct their proposed system and it’s started to occur.

2.1.1General Problem

The proponents decided on how to design, implement and develop a Enrollment System for Lycees Regis Marie Montessori that will provide an efficient and sufficient to both students and faculty. For the benefits of school administrator, teachers and students that will help a lot to be more convenient on having a computerized enrollment system from manual enrollment, the system would be more friendly for easily use and understand as well.

2.1.2Specific Problems

How to develop a enrollment system that will secure, update, hold and maintain record of the students in Lycees Regis Marie Montessori? In creating a enrollment system, the proponents will gather information about the school’s current Enrollment System Process, from there the proponents will create a series of questions that can be answered by the teachers and students. This information will be used as a guide in making the system. Whether the system needs to have a multiple privileged level.

This Computerized Enrollment System tends to save the entire student’s data in it. The proponents will be using Visual Basic 6.0 to create the program and Microsoft Database as the system’s database How to design a systemized system that will fasten the services of the Lycees Regis Marie Montessori?

In designing the system, the proponents will ensure that the system will be user-friendly and the interface will be easy to understand to the point that even if the user is not so literate in using computer they will be able to use and understand the system.

The System will be designed in accordance to the company’s theme. Of course the company may decide whether they will be the one to decide what design and feature for the system that they want How to implement a computerized enrollment system that will be more effective and sufficient services for students and authorized faculty? – The system that the proponents will be doing will be a user-friendly system. Proponents will use the school’s process as a guide for the different module e that the proponents are going to use in the system. The Enrollment System will gather the necessary and appropriate information of a student. The proponents will use the school’s current enrollment form to make the information gather module more accurate to their system.

2.2Proposed Research Project

The proponents decided to make a computerized enrollment system for Lycees Regis Marie Montessori to lessen the work-load of the faculty during the enrolment process. The Computerized Enrollment System includes the data or information, subjects, section, faculty, class schedules, rooms and the school year the student is going to attend attending.

Data – this will include the basic information of a student. Subjects – includes the subject of the student that they will be attending
Section – division of students
Faculty – information of the teachers and staff
Class schedule – time schedule of each year level
Rooms – names of the rooms in school

2.2.1General Objectives
The proponents aim to design, implement and develop a computerized enrollment system for Lycees Regis Marie Montessori for them to improve their services.
The proponents will design the proposed system for the Lycees Regis Marie Montessori putting a consideration in the school where the system will be more useful and the users of this system will be easier than the last manual procedure.

2.2.2 Specific Objectives
To create a systemized system that will fasten the services of the school. The system will aid the long processing for the enrollment and filling of admission forms, and also to provide more systematic retrieval of the records the specific record can easily trace in less time and effort and it easy to access and find student’s information for some purposes.

To create a system that will secure, update, hold and maintain record of the students. The system will carry the student’s files that can only access by the chosen personnel of the school for them to update, delete and edit the files. To enhance the report generation for the benefits of each students and faculty by the accurate, secure and updated information.

2.2.3 Scope and Limitations
Login Module
For authorized administrator and users or faculty member.
For freshmen and transferee students
Security Module
Blocking in logging of user
Unblocking the block user

System Users (Administrator)
Viewing and editing of the system.
School Calendar
Updating the school year
Information System
Administrator information system
Updating or editing private information of the faculty member
Student Information
Updating or editing private information of the student.
Student information
– Updating student’s information.
School information
For viewing and updating different available rooms
Report Generation Module
Implements the official list of students by year level and section.

Old students
For the student who have previous records.
Updating and registering for all students.
Class schedule, subject and sections
These are for the students that are updating and editing slots, available subjects, and available sections for every level end sections.
Database Module
logging out of the system.
No fees and payments
There is no credit involves and they were supported by a system in accessing students. Even if they are supported by the government they are willing to suffice for the student who doesn’t have wealth enough. Generation of government mandated reports

Reports implemented by the system were by the system were sustained by the data and information inputted by the system. All government mandated report
that the personnel have to generate is a limitation. Reports card and students ranking

Implements the report card and grades ranking of students by year level and sections. System audit trail and system lock
Manifest the history/summary of the logins and logouts of the system (user, date, time).


Fourth generation technique or otherwise known as “4GT”encompasses a broad array of software tools that have one thing in common; each enables the software developer to specify some characteristic of software at high level. 4GT is commonly use in information system application. The proponents applied 4GT in developing a enrollment and information system BNHS requirements and information gathering in implementing student’s enrollment and information system which is used as the main resource of the study

Requirements Gathering
Design Strategy

Figure 1.0 Fourth Generation Language
The 4GT paradigm focuses on:
Requirements Gathering

Software is always part of a big system. Work begin in establishing requirement for all system elements the requirements gathering process is intensified and focuses on specially in software before designing the system the proponents conducted an interview, conducted a research regarding the proposed program, gathering the problem for analysis and problem seeking and of course sought for the solution for the solution for the problem. Design Strategy

Software design is actually a multi-step process that focuses in four distinct attributes.
Data Structure
Software architecture
Software Presentation
Procedural (algorithm)details
The design process translate requirements into a presentation of the software that can be assessed for quality before generation begins the proponents planned how the flow of the information system will be translated into a computer generated software and drew a layout of the system.


The design must be translated into a machine readable form, in order to be able to present the desire output; the system will be translated and will be formed with the use of Microsoft Visual Basic

6.0. Testing

Once the code has been made the program will begin testing process focuses on the logical internal on the software, testing is important step in software engineering because error can be encored and insure that define input will be produced result agrees until required result the proponents will be test the program on a group and check if all the functions are working properly and will find an actual user to test the program and see if it satisfies all the requirements that the proponents needed.

Project Managemen

System Overview

The proposed system starts with the log-in form, from the log-in form the user can choose either admin or other user, at the log-in form, if the user has no authorization from the administrator, so you can’t access the system, and if the user has been logged-in with an invalid username or password 3 times, the system will be automatically execute. After the user has logged-in correctly, the user now will view the main form. At the main form, the user can view the file, maintenance, view and help. At the file, the user can view the log out and exit. Once the user logged out it will return at the log-in form while if the user choose the exit the system will execute. At the maintenance the user can view the user, teacher, subject, schedule, rooms, section and enrollment. At the user, you can view the person who is using the system it has security level and blocked once the user is blocked by the admin it can’t access the system at this form you can add, edit and delete.

At the menu bar, the teacher’s file you can view the list of the teachers you can add, edit and delete. Next are the subjects files, at this form you can view the list of subjects and you can also add, edit and delete then the schedules files you can view the year, section, subject teacher, rooms and time. In room form, you will view the list of rooms. In the section form you will view the list of sections from first year to fourth year level. For the enrollment form you will see the student information, requirements and enrollment record, at this form, you may state whether the students is new, old and transferee. At this form, you should fill up the fields like school year, name, address, nationality, sex, birth date and age. If the label has an asterisk symbol it means it is required fields that you must fill up.

You can also see what requirement is passed by the student if it is insufficient or complete. In view form you will view the assessment and the student. In the assessment form the user can view the year level, section, subject, time or day, teacher and rooms of the student. At the assessment form, you can print to have a report for the students and also for the school copy. At the student form (frmPrinAss) you can filter the school year and student type and also the list of the school year. The user can view the student information like student number, name address, gender, birth date, nationality, and year and section. The user can print this information to have a report on what you filtered information.

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