Registered Nurse Essay

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Registered Nurse

Every teenager normally decides what they plan to do with the rest of their life in the last years of high school. A statistic shows that 57% of high school teenagers want to become a registered nurse after they graduate. A registered nurse or RN is someone who treats patients, monitors and records their condition, helps establish a plan of care, educates patients or the public about a medical condition, and provides advice and emotional support to patients’ family members.

A registered nurse has to contain special traits such as being caring, compassionate, highly observant, quick to catch things, calm in an emergency, detail-oriented, observant, enjoy interacting with people, emotionally and physically strong, and have outstanding communication skills. RN’s work in hospitals, physicians’ offices, home healthcare services, nursing care facilities, correctional facilities, schools, summer camps, and with the military.

The starting salary for an RN is $65,950 a year and will increase if you decide to specialize in one or more than one types of medicine, but before making all that money you first have to complete the process of becoming an RN. A high school diploma is required along with the associates degree in nursing, a a bachelor’s degree in nursing, or diploma from an approved nursing program. Most RN’s have said that they took Biology, chemistry, physics, geometry, algebra II, pre-calculus, English, computer science, physiology, biomedical science, and foreign languages in their high school years.

These subjects help the RN in their everyday jobs. Most registered nurses were a nurse’s assistant before going to college to get their degree. By doing that, you get to see hands on what they do everyday, but it is not required. The need for RN’s will increase 21% between now and 2020. Several RN’s in Dothan have said they loved their job, but wish the pay was higher. The pay depends on the state you work in, but is on average $65,950 a year or less.

They have also said that mathematics plays an important role in their everyday work. From working with prescriptions to adding or subtracting a persons weight gain or loss. Technology is also another very important key factor in an RN’s everyday routine. They clock in and out on a machine. They use computers to keep up with patients files and to diagnose patients. If you are working with a patient in a rehab facility, you will use different types of technological machines depending on the persons illness or injury.

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