Regional Problems and Urban Problems Experienced In UK Economy Essay

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Regional Problems and Urban Problems Experienced In UK Economy

United Kingdom economy is a developed economy. Developed economies experiences different challenges as its tries to sustain its operations, in this essay I shall write on the urban and regional problems experienced in the United Kingdom economy. According to Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, (2006) growth of the economy came along with increased migration to the cities where the economic activities were many. This migration strains the resources available such as the infrastructure of roads, railways, water and sewage systems, waste managements and sustainable supply of food and other consumable goods (Jacobs, 2006).

Such straining of limited resources makes them more expensive as a result lives in the cities is becoming expensive by the day. There is also stiff competition for the available job opportunities as the local and migrants from other countries flock in the country in seek of Jobs. These ends up denying the locals who are not much skilled accessibility to Jobs which leads to most people being Jobless in cities which are expensive to sustain their livelihood they therefore result to crime. This is the reason why state of insecurity and crime is in increase as the economy grows.

According to George, (2007) the regions surrounding such strong economies tend to dwindle because most of their experienced laborer seeks employment in the already developed economies because their compensations are much higher. This denies them a chance to develop as they brain washed. The performances of such economy and its effect in the region could be measured by use of Regional Economic Performance (PSA) target and Gross Value Added (GVA). Therefore there is need to strategize on how United Kingdom would be able to solve the regional and urban problems which they experience for its sustainability

References George, C, 2007. ‘Regional Activity Relocation Problems In A Developing Economy’, Center of Economic Research. Vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 311-338 Jacobs, B, 2006. ‘Cities Under Stress: Problems of Development and Decline’, Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management, Vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 104 – 112. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, (2006), UK Presidency EU Ministerial Informal on Sustainable Communities, Available at http://www. communities. gov. uk/documents/cit

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