Reggae Essay Topics

Reggae and Famous Person

Reggae is one piece of entertainment that I, my family, and a lot of other people enjoy. It is more than just entertainment because it is also culture. Reggae isn’t something new or a trend; it is a type of musical entertainment that has existed for a very long time. It is very popular; not… View Article

Art and Humanities

The Music I associate with from my early childhood would be so many different songs from like the alphabet songs. When I grew up we were not allowed watching TV so much in the 70’s. But we watched some cartoons like the Surf’s on Saturday mornings; I still remember the song Fa-la-la-la. I grew up… View Article

Let’s start with Africa, book rerort

The Caribbean is a distinct civilization made up of a range of culture, tradition and religious practices. In the Caribbean there are a number of books written by Caribbean authors that attempt to give insight into the way of life of Caribbean people. Let us start with Africa Foundations of Rastafarian scholarships is one such… View Article