Refusal Skills Study

1. What are they asking me to do and why? (10 points)

To attend a party because he/she said that the party will be so much fun and he/she wants you to come.

2. Label what they are asking you to do (i.e. illegal, dangerous, etc.). (10 points)

To have your friend cover for you if your parents call. to do drugs, have sex and drink alcohol.

3. Determine the consequences if you get caught or if you participate in this activity. (10 points)

If you get caught, you lose all of your parents trust because they didnt want you to go but you did anyway.

4. Communicate my refusal. (10 points)

I cant do drugs or drink alcohol, No thank you.

5. Say no. (10 points)

No, I cant.

6. Use “I” statements. (10 points)

Im sorry but I cann’t do any of that.

7. Suggest an alternative. (10 points)

No, But lets go to the park instead.

8. Leave the scene and avoid questionable places. (10 points)

Im going to call someone to come and pick me up.

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Personal Reflections

1. Explain how healthy behaviors and choices can positively affect your health status and how unhealthy behaviors and choices will negatively affect your health status. (10 points)

Choosing healthy behaviors and choices can really have an positively affect your health status becausing choosing not to smoke or do anything that can harm, makes you feel more alive, more happy, more outgoing and having self control on your actions. But choosing unhealthy behaviors and choices will have an negative afftect your health status because haveing poorly health desicions can damage you and your health, make poor lifestyles, making poorly chioces can make you an unhappy person.

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2. Compare a time when one of your peers influenced healthy behavior to a time when a peer has influenced unhealthy behavior in your life. (10 points) When one of my peers had influence me to dont do drugs or drink or anything they really influenced my health because they dont want me to have no negative in my life just a positive attittude and be a more happy person unlike when one of my friends tryed to get me to smoke like them and drink like them, they tryed for my life to be unhealthy and have unhealthy behavior and they want me to lie to my to my parent at one time.

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Refusal Skills Study

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