Reform in government Essay

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Reform in government

When it comes to making reform in government, politicians are programmed to act in one distinct manner. They want to prop up spending on government programs. The idea and prevailing thought on this is that if you throw enough money at something, it is bound to improve. This type of thinking is what causes politicians to add lots of new programs to the docket when in reality, they have not yet taken the time to evaluate the success of progress of their already implemented programs.

There are many reasons why this type of thing might happen, but one of the most important is because, simply put, there is not enough time to sit back and evaluate new programs. The thought, at least in the minds of politicians, is that these programs take a few years to really have an impact. This means that the positive or negative things associated with a new program will not be seen for many months, so politicians do not think that they can correctly evaluate it (USGovernmentspending. com).

The solution for this problem would be to evaluate programs starting further back before commiting to spend more money on new government programs, but this is not the way that politicians are programmed. They are programmed in a way that rewards public spending and new reform. This is one thing that politicians can point to when they run for re-election, so that people will see that they are doing something in Washington. Even if a program is not successful in affecting change in society, politicians are able to say that they were doing something in order to fix the problem, even if that something was counterproductive in nature.

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