Reflective Journal on Communication Skills

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As this was the first week of the class, unlike some other boring classes it was quite an interesting one. We weren’t taught from the slides which was the coolest and most interesting thing. We only had a quick introduction of topics, assignments, tutorials, and tests we must complete. It was a non-examinable unit, so I find it interesting. We were judged on the basis of assignments, tutorials, tests, and projects instead. We discussed communication skills. The class of first week wasn’t too exciting.

But when I look at the slides, I find out that it’s just the basic thing and no use of coming to class just to learn such things. But luckily, we weren’t taught the slides.


The second week was full of the test. We did the Personality type test and an Emotional Intelligence test. So, we all came to know out our personality type. It wasn’t surprising for me to hear that I fall in driver category.

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The maximum of the characters of the driver personality type matches with me. As we are cool, independent, and highly competitive with others. We like control and prefer maximum freedom. I was glad that we came to know about our weak points and negative expect too. So, I am practicing it in real life and trying to minimize it. This class was of the communication skills, we came to know out that personality matters a lot in communication as people can be assertive, aggressive, responsive and so on.

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Personality affects the way we communicate, and we can only be good at communicating only after overcoming our negative aspects. So, from the second week we keep on practicing how to overcome out negative aspects to develop a better communication skill.


The third week was also started with a test, ATS MBIT Personality test. This test was important as it clearly identifies our personality. It tells about the strengths and dark sides and signifies the solutions to the negative aspects. I fall in ENTJ personality types which s consider to be natural born leader. Knowing about my weakness helped me to minimize it and be better at communication skills. Knowing about my strengths motivated me to overcome my weak sides. Getting proper solutions of the weakness helped us and motivated us. We were fascinated to learn such wonder thing which was way too helpful. After that we were given to work out on our weakness and find out its solutions. So, I find it interesting. Day by day I was exploring myself and knowing myself through this class.


This was the first week where we stared how to communicate with others in real life. We learned how to start a conversation and make it longer. The small details we learned in the class was useful to make a conversation better. We learned a magical trick to find out something interesting or good in a person and compliment about it. This shows the positive response to the person that you are interested in him/her. I also learned how to say yes or no without denying them in any situations so that we shouldn’t have to face the problems of immediate actions at last. We also learned how we can tackle with our daily life problems through good communication skills. So that I was able to say my senior mate at my workplace to do the bins turn wise as it will be hard for me to do every time. Overall, now I started gaining some confidence and techniques.


After the week 4 class, I was full on energy. So, I decided to implement it and make my communication skills better. As I work in a club, so I get several people to communicate. So, as per the class I find out a person has long curly hair. So, I started complimenting about it and the conversation lasted for more than 15 minutes. Previously I was hardly able to communicate for 5 minutes. But still I wasn’t full confidence. I knew this was happening due to the lack of practice.

On the week 5 class we were given information about project. We were told to choose a unique a topic and present it in week 14. We were finding several topics, but we hardly got approval in one. We weren’t given any ideas to present and were said to present in our own way. From this what I believe is that she is trying to find out our own creative ideas. One can only do his best only without knowing how others has done.


It was the week in which we learned something else than a communication skill. But it is something important for relaxation and developing confident by removing all the problems and stress. We learned about white balloon method in which we keep everything that is coming in our way and giving us trouble inside a big white balloon and leaving it in the space. The next method we learn is grounding in which we imagine a big white ray of light energizing us and taking all our sorrows. Both exercises and helpful to boosts confident and removing all problems. This exercise is taking a positive side in my life as I do these exercises whenever I feel down. Previously, I used to hesitate to talk with my fellow Aussie mates because I was afraid by thinking if I will make any mistakes, but I realize later from the class that how can we learn with perfections. Now I keep on chilling with them. They are now really close to me and are passionate to learn my language as well.


I have overcome several fears and gain several confident. But I always fear and feel nervous to go to stage. So now I was only in need of overcoming this. As sharing this to my lecturer she said me to imagine all the fears, challenges inside a big white balloon and let it fly to the sky and really it worked. I was shocked that from that day I was able to go to the stage and stay for long times without nervousness. So, from that day I started conversations with several individuals, and I started loving it. I can clearly see the change in me. I was amazed that they were also using the same trick of complimenting as maximum of them used to compliment about my hair. I am slowly realizing that communication is really funny and is necessary if you can do properly. As complicated I used to think the communication is I find it easier. I came to know that just we need certain techniques. I also came to know out to focus on all I we are talking in a group because someone might feel you aren’t giving attention to them. I realize that every little thing can make communication better.


Till week 8, I was so confident that when Andria told me to do balloon exercise in front of the class I went and made them do without any hesitations or nervousness. The impact of the class was clearly seen in me. I made all of them do the exercise in a better way. I was slowly gaining the confidence inside me. I was meeting new people, talking with them confidently and was loving it. Not only communication skills or design class but this class was also like solutions of all the problems class where all our problems are solved. In this week we learned the most important thing to say thank you instead of sorry which was too good. I tried this, and people were liking me. I myself found it really sweet to say thank you instead. Before the completion of the class I was eagerly waiting to experiment these things with the peoples.WEEK9:

Every week I keep on meeting and chatting with new people. Nowadays I keep on loving it. But one day I felt that people were facing difficulties to understand my assent. And also, the way I speak is too fast, so the people find it difficult to understand so that I was out of confidence. From my tutor I find out that other people find out assent different and several of them loves it which is really cool. I also learned some techniques to be in conversation without being in fast pace. On the day we also learned about removing bullshits. Everyone in the class have bullshit an it was quite funny to hear of each. The bullshit I had is gaining wait but for now without going gym. I tried the diet, but it was without fiber, so Andrea gave me a diet plan and by daily following it I was able to gain 3 kilogram in just 2 weeks. So, this class has been the overall development class.

WEEK 10:

Till week 10, I learned several things that helped me towards developing my communication skills. Now I am highly confident and ready to cope with any situations in my life. I am aware of what is good and bad as well. I also have enough knowledge to solve own problems without engaging in others. Through this class I have found out the real me and, I have been able to remove my nervousness and developed confidence. I am feeling a bit matured now. I have overcome the fear inside of me. Not only communication skills but also, I have got some relaxation techniques and presentation ideas as well. As nobody can master the communication skills but the achievement I have got is just pleasing. I don’t expect the class to be better than this. I knew the hidden treasure inside me through this class. Also, it has also helped me to overcome my fear. Now I am sure that I won’t fear to talk with anyone because of my accent or the language problem I have. I know that every wise man can understand that I am not the native speaker of English and the opinion of fools can never down heart me.

I am really thankful to my tutor for whatever I have learned. What I believe is if she has just taught us slides then these drastic changes in me would never have been possible. I can clearly feel the changes in me and in my entire classmates as well.

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