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Reflective Evaluation – PTTLS Module Essay

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After looking at my micro teach on reflection there are a few things I could improve on. The first being my planning beforehand. To plan a lesson with more care and time gives you more opportunities for inclusive learning. Planning accordingly also gives you more freedom in your session as you always have a backup in case anything goes wrong, one can always look back at the lesson plan. Although I did plan and I had a well thought out lesson plan I just felt like more detail could have gone into my lesson plan. Teaching a group of non-dancers with a variety of ages and a variety of health issues should have made me realise some of the issues that may come with this type of lesson. I feel I should have taken more of this into consideration. Maybe not all of the students felt at ease doing the style of dancing that I chose. Maybe some of the students were not actually fit enough to take part. I did not ask if there were any health issues before the session started.

If I would of and somebody would have spoken about their health issue then I would have given them the same steps as everybody else but I would of quietly had a word with them and ask them not to do it as strenuous as the others and to take it at their own pace. The majority of the students had a fun and enjoyable lesson which was one of the objectives of the class. The other objective was to know what a ‘dynamic’ is in dance. I feel all students had a clear understanding of this by the end of the session and demonstrated different dynamics in dance and could also talk about this at the end of the session. My approach to inclusion was to set the dance steps very basic so that everybody could take part.

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I also had a lot of praise for everybody and this I felt made everybody feel at ease as for some people this was an alien environment for them to be in, as some have never been in a dance class before. I feel I could develop this session further by having more peer assessment by braking the class down into small groups I feel this would benefit the class greatly. This would allow students to talk to each other and talk about any areas that they may be struggling with. This I feel would be better than speaking in front of the whole group about any issues you have. To assess this session I would take note of who works best together and take note of how many students struggle with the steps and possibly adapt the steps to suite the level the non-dancers are at with regards to dance technique. Overall I feel my micro teach was a success the general feedback I got was positive and spurred me on to further my knowledge as a teacher and gain more experience as a teacher. I enjoyed my micro teach thoroughly.

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