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Yesterday I started my day at work at 7:30 am as I was rotted for an early shift as a duty manager for that day. I am following three weeks rolling rota with my colleagues from Senior Management Team (SMT). First of my responsibilities determined by Health and Safety at Work Act as well as our own Signing in Book Policy was to sign in the signing in book. This will ensure that it is known that I am in the building.

All the staff coming on duty is required to sign in that book so organisation can keep the track of who is on site for example in case of fire: “Should the fire alarms go off it is the responsibility of the Team Coordinator to bring the Signing In Book to the assembly point for checking” (Signing in Book Policy) After that I went to the team office where I joined handover from night staff to morning team. “The Purpose of handover is to ensure the continuity and quality of care through good communication” states our Staff Handovers Policy and it is also one of the legal requirements (NMS 17.


Last night was quiet and all Young People had a good night sleep. After making sure that our staff levels are appropriate for the number of Young People (NMS 17.1, The Children’s Home Regulations Act 2001 and Staffing Policy: “This policy has been created to ensure that each child is supported and taught appropriately and kept safe whilst accommodated within Our Place”.

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) I carried out my daily checks. This includes of making sure that teams carry out health and safety checks as well as housekeeping checks. This provides prove that our company ensures clean and safe environment for Young People in our service NMS 10. I didn’t find any short falls in the check books so I signed them off and the next piece of documentation I checked was MAR sheets (Medication Administration Record sheets).

The Children’s Home Regulations Act 2001 – section 21 gives a very clear guidance for training, administration and record keeping of medication. Once again I didn’t find any faults or discrepancies. After I completed my daily checks I went to my desk in main office to catch up with my emails. After checking and replying to all my emails I started working on staff’s rota for currant month. Once again, as mentioned above (NMS 17.1, The Children’s Home Regulations Act 2001 and Staffing Policy: “This policy has been created to ensure that each child is supported and taught appropriately and kept safe whilst accommodated within Our Place”.), it is my responsibility in organisation that home is staffed correctly and all the Young People are getting support required to meet their individual needs. It means booking our own staff for overtime shifts or using external agency if there are any gaps in our rota. Later on for rest of the rest of my day I was interviewing candidates for Support Worker role.

Our company has got very thorough Recruitment & Selection Policy that gives a very clear guidance on the recruitment and selection process, starting with the section on “assessing the need for recruitment” and going thru all the steps of recruitment process in very detail (setting up recruitment file, advertising, sending out application packs, shortlisting candidates for interviews, interviewing, appointing candidates and eventually gaining the reference and DBS checks as part of safer recruitment and safeguarding Young People).

Our Recruitment & Selection Policy is based on all relevant legislation (Children’s Act 1989, The Children’s Home Regulations Act 2001, National Minimum Standards, Keeping Children Safe in Education April 2014). In between the interviews I carried on with my electronic correspondence with Local Authorities, Parents or other external professionals and I also had my lunch break. In the afternoon I handed over everything to my colleague (Staff Handovers Policy, NMS 17.6) and I went home signing out in signing in book.

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