Reflections for Creativity Essay

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Reflections for Creativity

1. What reflections will you need to make before you can start brainstorming ideas? We will need to reflect on each team members personal skills. Evaluate the team’s needs and what the team wants to acheive. 2. Why is it important to acknowledge and learn about the backgrounds and skills of the team members within your group? Its important to know the skills of the people in the group to know what their strong points are and to delegate them to task to efficiently work together. 3. as team leader, give 5 examples of ground rules you would establish, after consulting with the other members of your team.

1) All team members should respect each other’s ideas.

2) Hold each person accountable and responsible.
3) Communication and information sharing procedures
4) Encourage creativity and the development of effective relationships between members of the team. 5) Accept that each member comes from diverse backgrounds, must treat each other with fairness and honesty. 4. Name 5 characteristics you believe you need to possess in order to be an effective team leader? 1) Must be fair and honest

2) Knowledge of how to encourage team members to produce effective results. 3) Provide resources, time and support for the team to form and develop. 4) Teach winning strategies and tactics for the team

5) run interference and remove barriers in order to let employees do their jobs. 5) It is important to utilize external stimuli, to effectively generate new ideas and solutions. Name 5 sources of external stimuli that you could access?

1) Legislation

2) Research data
3) Customer, supplier, shareholder and other stakeholder feedback 4) Best practice information 5) Political and socio-economic information that will impact on operations 6) Describe 3 methods of encouraging your team members to share their
knowledge and experience.

1) Celebration of successful innovation

2) Employee recognition, such as employee of the month program

3) Rewards, could be monetary incentive

7) Why is debriefing an integral activity that should be exercised regularly? It is necessary to debrief regularly to ensure that team members are confident of their own abilities and those of other team members. This allows them to reflect individually and as a team on what they have achieved and what is needed to be improved. 8) Your team is generating ideas that you believe have been over used by other fundraising volunteers. List three constructive ways that you can push your team to generate more innovative ideas? 1) We can hold a drawing, and the person with the most innovative idea wins a large prize. 2) Suggest to the team to use external stimuli or other resources to come up with more innovative ideas. 3) Suggest to the team to network and attend seminars to build on more innovative ideas.

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