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Reflection - Business Information Systems



The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the reflection on learning, discussion on theories and skill learned, issues faced, how I have performed throughout the trimester and the future learning or improvement that are required.

I have used different research methods and tools to make reader clear understanding of text. Citation like Harvard style referencing, headings and the summary of text are used. I have also shared my opinion and conclusion in the text.


As a student of Business and IT major, I was very excited to study business communication in this trimester.

It’s a very important major for future entrepreneurs or anyone looking to establish career in the business. During my studies, I learn different communication factors, leadership, Researching, Evaluating and presenting information, writing process and employment communication.

My subject teacher was really helpful and proficient. I found him very well educated and expert in this major. He used to discuss real life communication problems and its effects on business.

Other important topic like: fundamental of social communication, co-ordinations, decision making, achievement of targets and exchanging information’s in the business.

I think the most part was the nature of communication in business. My teacher was really good at expalning two way process communication. The informations has to be sent and received.The most important part was Feedback from the customers. Next was, continuous process of informations exchange. It is essential process of human activity in business and non business world. The purpose of doing it is to create mutal understanding by giving seeking information, persuading/ influencing other and generation response.

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Reflection on learning

I was very excited on the first day of my collage and more than happy to study my favourite subject Business Communication. Dr Greg Cooper was my teacher. He was very friendly to the students. The teaching styles was understanding and also the resources like: E-text and power point slide which were free the students. Between 3 months, I never had any problems on my subject because the kind of supports and kindness which I received from the collage was truly unforgettable. I really appreciate the faculty members and teachers for working hard.

As we know that, communication is very important for any organizations or firms, and by having a good communication skills, we are more likely to get job in a good companies. Good leadership and communication skills, Customer service, public relations, effective meeting like face to face and virtual are some example, most organizations looks today. These are some topics we discussed and practised in class.

Similarly, Academic and professional integrity is another major topic which we talked in class on very first day. It’s a core set of value performed by both students and teachers in an ethical manner.It is the moral code that operate institution by ensuring honesty, fairness, trust, respect and responsibility.

The same thing is applied to this and other majors.

Moreover, the academic writing is something I enjoy a lot in this trimester especially web writing. I love technology and getting first hand experience of how we can write for websites and prepare business letters online, is amazing experience for me. I enjoy doing research, and group meeting. Finally, with the constant support from my tutor and friends, I have gained self-esteem and confident. I have imporved a lot on my listening and communication skills.

Theories and Skills

The teaching materials provide by AIHE was very helpful to understand the course. I found myself hardworking and self-motivated. It basically focused on the main subject area of business. The concept of business which I did in a group was very efficient. The primary functional areas within a business and their contribution to the organization. Business letter, web writing, and meeting in a group were some key activities that I did in this subject.

All the activities that I took part were challenging and useful. Researching, Evaluating and presenting information are some topics that I enjoy the most.

Some Issues Faced

I think there were few technical error that I faced. It wasn’t often but frustrating for me. On the very first week of my study while I was about to complete Business Communicaiton weekly assigment, I wasn’t able to access my moodle account. I did consult with the student support but the respond wasn’t quick.I tried to download on Andriod but it didn’t work out.They basically showed lack of interest.

I then,tried to solve by myself but couldn’t. After waititng for 1 week and constant request, it got solved.I think, the management team need to focus on listining students and their problem.It definetly has to quick and easy. Otherthan that, I didn’t face any issues. My overall experience was good in this trimester.

Academic Support

The academic support at AIHE is free one to one and group tutoring is also done to all students.The kind of supports and feedback, I received from my lecturer has motivated me into different path. I have improved a lot on my study.My attitude towards studying has been changed and now I spent more on reading and speaking than before. The faculty member,on the otherhand, provide an axtra set of eyes on their scholarly work with one of their professional tutors to the students in the major. I think that’s really important and useful for us.

Futher Learning

I think for everyone it is very important to study business communication to improve their communication skills and knowledge. At AIH they provide really good education system from expertise and the resources used by them are modern and advance. I really like how supportive all my tutors academic are.


Dwyer, J., Hopwood, N. (20150710). Communication for Business and the Professions: Strategies and Skills eBook, 6th Edition [VitalSource Bookshelf version]. Retrieved from vbk://9781486020362

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