Reflection paper in foundation of special education Essay

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Reflection paper in foundation of special education

Taking up this course had freshened up what I learned from undergrad class. Even though we have already taken this subject before, it’s not bad to rush back with this, especially with the fact that I forgot some of the information I got from my previous school days. Then the world is constantly changing, the economy, government, other industries and of course the field of education. Being updated is the best way to be actively involved with these changes. Thus, this subject is a big step to move on to the next level of complexity.

Closing of first semester is nearly coming and I learned a lot from this subject. It elucidates some of the questions I have before when I was teaching special children. Well, I do have ideas but it helps me to understand it further. It also informed me with the new laws for special education which really one of the things that a sped teacher must know. New strategies would never be left out from what I learned. Knowing about it would help me to improve my teaching skills.

I have learned terms that we haven’t discuss before that promotes more understanding of special education. Anyway, I love listening from the first hand experience of the reporters, in this way I can relate more with the topic. I just realized that previously we are dependent with the books or other references but now we have exclusive experience to base on. Thus, we can explain further our reports in the class. It’s a good thing because we are sharing ideas as well as we help each other in solving certain classroom situation.

Teaching skills of our professor is excellent, nothing to complain. I just observed that we often have a problem in borrowing projector from the office. We can’t deny that technology has a big influence nowadays. Of course, we can’t buy our own projector which is too expensive, except for those who have big salary. But I hope there will be additional of it in the office, so there will be more chances for others to borrow. I would also like to suggest to compile all the topics of the reporters before the reporting will start.

We could put it in just a short folder and fastened it, so it would not be costly. Then in each topic there will be at least questions that we could answer after the class or at home. Not literally a recorded quiz but just an exercise activity or a reviewer. I know it is an additional work but I think it would help to improve the course. I enjoyed interacting with this class. I gained learnings and I shared experience. Therefore, I become more involved in the field of special education.

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