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Reflection Paper

However, after attending the lectures and tutorials for a few weeks, I started to gain interest in this course as I learnt a lot of new things. For example, I am now more capable and confident when it comes to writing a proper academic report, drafting appropriate business replies or even analyze a blog. With these knowledge, I know that I will be doing much better in my future. Despite having to worry about being appointed by my tutor to answer questions, I had funs there. My classmates and I shared, communicated and learnt there!

There was once when my group and I were tasked to analyze a piece of academic writing. I was glad because I found the skills taught during lessons highly applicable and useful. For example fallacies including red herring, hasty generalization, post hoc etc. Besides that, we were able to learn how to communicate with each other during discussions. I was delighted by my group mates as we were able to establish good rapport. Now, my group mates are good friends to me as well.

Another obvious change in myself is I am now having more confidence when communicating with others. Previously, I was an introvert as I disliked interacting with others because of my low self-esteem. However upon completion of this course, I understood the importance of communication among people. Communication is able to strengthen bonds among one another. In addition, communication creates better understanding among people and effective communication helps to develop our confidence. Hence, I believe that I am more capable of presenting myself in front of others and I strongly believe that this will help me in developing strong bonding and maintain a good relationship with others in my future interactions.

In conclusion, I learnt a lot of things and skills from this course. I know that what I had learnt will be able to assist me in my prospective job and future. I gained self-esteem from this course and with that, I appear to be more confident now. I know that I will be a good speaker, writer and I will be also able to communicate with people effectively as well.

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