Reflection on Wall Street 2 Movie

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The movie Money Never Sleeps, also known as the Wall Street 2, is an American drama directed by Oliver Stone in 2010. It is a very successful business movie of the century on, is the classic film, and I think it is a really good. The film contains a profound economic knowledge, When saying that Money Never Sleeps, we can feel that money is really like a super man, they do work much faster than us, the humans, they run much faster than people do.

Why do people study hard day and night? Because we have to go to the universities, and why do we need to go to the universities? Because it is the best way for us to find a better job and make more money. Therefore, most of us take study as a task which they to finish, but not enjoy it. Make far more money as soon as possible is the ultimate purpose. Many businessmen get more money at any cost, even by cheating the customers, they get what they want, but at the same time, they lost a lot too.

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Money is neither good nor bad. If we treat it collect, we will be the owners of money, if not, we are only the slaves of money. Some people are out of their mind when they face with the money, and as a result, they are against laws and put into prisons or sentenced to death and they destroy themselves in the last. We are worth possessing more valuable things than money.

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Therefore, never be slaves of money, or we will get a bad result. We should cherish all that we have owned now and at last, remember that, Money never sleeps, but we, one day, have to sleep for all.

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Reflection on Wall Street 2 Movie

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