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Reflection on My Personal Thinking Essay

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Many times I hear people say, “Maturity does not come with age. ” When I was younger, it was hard for me to grasp the essence of that specific phrase. Today, as I think and reflect on the things I have done and experienced, good or bad, healthy or not, I realized that every day of my life and in everything I go through, there is a lesson learned. I believe that a person should always and must find value in everything and choice made. I’m better off dead if I do not improve, develop and learn from the people, things and even scenarios that surround me.

I look back now, and see how much I have grown into a better person for just merely changing the way I see and react to people or situations. I was a pessimist. I would always think and visualize that something bad would happen— every time! Because of this kind of behavior and mindset, I felt imprisoned in my own skin. When problems arise, I just cave in and would panic. Personally, I see problems as just situations. That in every situation, there is always a solution. There are a million and one solution for a particular situation, I just have to choose wisely and rationally.

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It would be best if I had a number of options to choose from. I wouldn’t hurt to be able to weigh the “pros and the cons. ” I make it a point to always remind and ground myself that in every choice I make, comes consequences. I would always thing and consider the people around me, who love and support me for every decision I make. I choose not to dwell on the things that aren’t there or happening yet. Why should I? I am here in this world to live. I will handle and think about the situation when it’s happening.

Life is too short to worry about things that are not real yet. I’d rather save my strength for more important things, like spending time with my family and friends and building and improving a better relationship with them. Meanwhile I will constantly try to do good or well to others and myself and stay out of peculiar things, so the need to worry and be faced by problems or situations. Working or dealing with a group is never easy, but nevertheless, no man is an island and the fact remains that every individual is unique.

Having different objectives and goals, thoughts and ways—everything different. But I realized that I have to be flexible, patient and understanding enough to be able to work with them. Being able to work harmoniously with a team is important to me. In order for a task to be done, a team must be united. For unity to step in, respect for one another and communication must play a big role. For this semester, I have not formed any group yet but I am thinking of doing such. The members of the study group do not really matter to me.

I find it a breath of fresh air to have the opportunity to meet and commune with other people, of different race, culture, stature and the likes. I know I will learn a lot and grow from and with them the same as they would with me. Again, a person who does not see or learn from their daily lives should be six feet under. As long as I’m breathing, there is always room for growth and must have the need to be better everyday a individuals, even if it may be insignificant or smallest event in my life. And remind myself, that life is all about making choices. It’s just a choosing the one that’s right for me.

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