Reflection on L. E. Modesitt “Inspiration…” Essay

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Reflection on L. E. Modesitt “Inspiration…”

L. E. Modesitt Jr. presents some problems in education in his blog entry entitled “Inspiration… and Teachers and Students. ” He considers the students’ lack of inward motivation to learn as the most important among all these problems of modern education. This essay is a reflection of what that problem is. He poses a problem in schools where the students are no longer taking the responsibility for their own learning. These days, students are not motivated to learn. They just want “to get through without working or to obtain good grades with the least amount of effort.

” The “responsibility for learning” has instead been given to the teachers aside from their responsibility to teach. In my perspective, I believe that this problem is justified because I have observed this trend happening to other students in school. Unfortunately, I can say that this problem affects many students. According to Modesitt, this problem is more applicable in academics than in athletics. I think this is so because of two possible reasons. First, students do not find any relevance in “learning verb forms or memorizing historical dates” to their present life or even to their chosen profession or career in the future.

Second, students do not see the results of taking part in the drills in academics quickly. In athletics, one can see obvious results like the development of one’s muscles or the increase of one’s strength and stamina because of the drills after a short time. But, this is not what happens in academics. The result of learning concepts and theories cannot be obviously seen within a short period of time. I believe that this problem of students who are not motivated to learn is more important because it can affect all the other problems the author has listed.

From the foregoing discussion, it can be concluded that unless students realize that they are to be responsible for their own learning only will the educational efforts of schools, school administrators and teachers become fruitful and productive. Reference Modesitt, L. E. Jr. (11 March 2008). Inspiration… and Teachers and Students. L. E. Modesitt, Jr. Retrieved April 5, 2009 from http://www. lemodesittjr. com/blogs/blog/2008/11/inspiration-and-teachers-and-students. html

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