Reflection of Micro Teach Essay

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Reflection of Micro Teach

My initial thought was to just have some fun with the 30 minutes get the learners warmed with an easy enjoyable lesson to get them working together as a team. I would use this type of lesson if at the start of meeting a new group of learners just to ease the tension and get them working together. I believe my lesson plan met the needs of all the learners. Individually my plan allowed for anyone with visual impairment and physical difficulties such as back or muscle problems. With clear instructions of the activity.

I thought that my resources worked really well:
* Instructions sheet was clear and to the point.
* Objective sheet was there as well as vocal encouragement. * Controllers all worked and game was setup well.
* Projector and screen worked exceptionally well, using this tool meant the learners would not be crowded round a small television set.

Teaching approaches used:
* Discussion (history of games, pros & cons)
* E-learning (computer based learning)
* Discovery (finding hidden items throughout the game)
* Games (a fun way of learning adding a carrot using escapism**) * Handouts (to promote instruction for the activity)

I thought this lesson went well judging from the responses I received there is not much I could have changed other than to spend a little more time on the instructions but this came down to a time constraint so if I was to make this lesson easier to teach I would make the session slightly longer 45minutes would enable the learners to have a longer debate and understand the instructions more fully. ** some learners don’t want to be at school, they want to be at home playing video games as a way of escaping reality. Using the method of bringing video games into school is a great way to engage these learners and getting them involved with the class. Suggestion of doing this task again is a way of enticing them to be more pro-active in not only yours but other lessons also.

I felt my communication skills where good judging from the peer assessment forms my peers thought I was humorous and they also thought I did a good job of keeping the team on track to hitting objectives. Next time I could possibly speak slower, or stop the game then speak the instruction then resume the game but time was an issue. During the session I gave the learners a feedback sheet with a list of questions about how they felt the session went and how they feel about the subject of videogames (see feedback sheets in folder). I believe this form gave them something to reflect upon.

I felt my peer evaluation sheet are not critical enough, this could be interoperated two ways either I was great and I have nothing to improve on or they didn’t want to over judge or upset me. From my tutor assessment, I believe I could be more encouraging to the other learners when they achieved the targets I need to highlight this more so giving them a good feeling about themselves.

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