Reflection Management Style Essay

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Reflection Management Style

Yes, my definition of a manager has changed based on this weeks readings. At the beginning of the course I held the definition of a manager as a person who is in charge of a certain organization or firm. Based on this weeks reading, my definition of a manager has changed to a qualified person with specific qualities who is able to organize the resources in a firm during both the boom and the lean seasons in the business so as to ensure that the firm or organization is profitable. A manager should not only lead a firm but also be in a position to organize the factors of production in the organization in which he is a leader to ensure smooth running of the organization as well as high productivity (Cardy, 2008).

I still agree with the good qualities of a manager originally identified. Some of the good qualities of a leader originally identified include the qualities that relate to personal characteristics as well as the business related characteristics. Some of the personal characteristics of a good manager originally identified include integrity. Unless a manager has integrity, an organization cannot run well. A good manager needs to have integrity so that he may be able to lead by example. This is by following rules and maintaining the virtues that help the organization to run well. Other qualities of a good manager identified originally include communication, reliability as well as motivation (Melinda, 2010).

The business related qualities include the knowledge of the legal procedures, financial management skills, delegation skills among others. I would add qualities of a good leader such as flexibility. A good manager should be flexible so as to accommodate the many changes he might come across in course of management. These may include a change in the work environment. I do still agree with the poor qualities originally identified. There are managers who portray very poor management qualities as identified originally. Some of the poor qualities of a leader identified include failure to communicate, dictatorship, disrespect as well as discrimination amongst employees. A poor manager will display qualities of poor management by showing discriminating among his employees. This means that the manager favours some of the employees. The discrimination brings about division in the organization hence no good team work (Jillyan, 2013).

There are additional qualities that are portrayed by poorleaders. Some of these poor qualities include poor motivation habits where the manager does not reward his employees after any achievement. The lack of motivation is a great drawback to any organization and only the managers can correct by motivating their employees. The qualities of a manager change depending on the different situations they are in. For instance, the home environment of a manager could change the personal qualities of a good manager. For instance if a manager observes integrity in his leadership and in his home environment everybody is corrupt, he will be influenced by his people and stop observing integrity (Cardy, 2008).

The results for the management quiz were not very successful but after going through the course reading the results are very promising. The results would change greatly as we learn more about management in this course. The course allows one to contemplate on the qualities portrayed by most managers and make him or her critical on these characteristics.

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