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Reflection Journal on Giving and Receiving Feedback Essay

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Reflection Journal on Giving and Receiving Feedback

1) What have you learnt about giving and receiving feedback? For me, what I have learnt about giving feedbacks is giving negative feedback after positive feedback actually helps in making feedback receivers feel less hurt and they have high tendency to accept my critism . It is because people feel comfortable when they were praised . After that, giving negative feedback wouldn’t stimulate aggressiveness and harshness of words from them as they knew I know something is good about them .

For instance , giving feedbacks in my mum’s cooks. When my mum cooks something for the first time, e. g. sweet and sour pork ribs , I remembered I commented about the food. ”The food has a nice aroma . ” I said. ”Thanks for the compliments. ” My mum replied. And I continued ”But could you reduce the amount of salts added . It’s slightly salty . ”My mum asked” Is it? I would add less salt next time . From this experience, I know giving feedbacks in this way helps a lot . Furthermore, what I learnt about receiving feedbacks is about learning to be tolerant and calm .

For example ,when my friends are giving negative feedbacks about me. E. g. about my role in the team. I always carry out my responsibilities half-heartedly. Actually listening from my friends giving feedbacks about my attitude and style of working in carrying out my role helps me in identifying my weakness and initiate myself in making a change . While receiving negative or positive feedbacks ,patience and tolerance is indeed important to remain calm.

2) How did you feel about giving feedback? I feel I have to think about the feeling of others and the appropriate place, date and time when I am giving positive or negative feedbacks . It is because people tends to feel hurt when I give feedbacks especially the negative ones. Sometimes when I was giving positive feedbacks ,others tends to think that I am being sarcastic because he/she is not good at certain things while I just complimented him/her. Well, complimenting is one way of encouraging people to do something better as praises motivate our hearts to do certain things. Furthermore, everybody feels comfortable when being praised. But still, place ,date and time are important factors in giving feedbacks.

3) How did you feel about receiving feedback? I feel I should be more open-minded because when people giving feedbacks, they tends to care less about the place and time to give positive or negative feedbacks. When I told that I was not good or weak in certain aspects , I have to be tolerant and open-minded because it is a good thing for me to rectify myself to be a better person in life .

If my friend is giving feedbacks to me in a harsh way , I can maybe pause him for a while to tell me in a courteous way . I n that way , my friend and I not only accept his feedbacks and my remarks, our bonds are also strengthen too. 4) How do you intend to use what you have learnt about giving/receiving feedback in your team? I would like to share my opinions and thoughts about what I have learnt about giving/receiving feedbacks because my team may have different aspects of thinking and thoughts. Therefore , through sharing ,mutual understanding between teammates can be formed .

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