Reflection assignment Essay

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Reflection assignment

The term learning to me means that we are acquiring knowledge for something we did not know or a new way of doing something. I think online learning is different than traditional because online learning is more of independent studies and can be easier or more difficult to manage depending on each person’s learning styles. My view of learning as only changed by knowing more learning styles and how they can vary in technical terms. Myself as a learning is described by being a dynamic learner, I used all the learning patterns and none of my learning patterns were avoided. I typically use precision and sequence more than I do technical reasoning and confluence. Although there are times that I will use confluence and technical reasoning more than sequence and precision which is why I believe that makes me a successful dynamic learner. My learning scores are sequence twenty-six, precision thirty-two, technical reasoning twenty, and confluence twenty-one. Some of the benefits to being able to use precision as a use first is that I like to make sure that what I am doing is correct the first time around. Also with sequence being a use first learning pattern I am able to use it alongside precision and make sure that everything is organized in order.

I have learned to tether my weaker learning patterns with my stronger learning patterns, so that I am more successful in learning. Once I learned my different types of learning patterns I was able to become an intentional learning because I used the assignment with my learning patterns to have a better understanding. Overall I was able to be fairly successful in this class and was given the right tools to be successful. I think I could have FIT my learning patterns together better to be a lot more successful in the class. I do believe that this class has been a great learning experience so that in the future I can use my learning patterns together and FIT them to each assignment, and with things I am doing outside of class. If I would have tethered my precision and technical reasoning in with class from the start I know I could have succeeded a lot more than what I have, but I will use this class as a learning experience and carry my learning patterns and FIT information along with me to help in future classes. My overall reflection of the last five weeks is that I have learned a lot about different types of learning.

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