Reflection and Evaluation Essay

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Reflection and Evaluation

As part of the 7407 stage 1 course there is a requirement for several groups of students to complete a micro teaching session, we would do the session in front of the other students who would provide the feedback for the session.

There is no doubt that immediate feedback is the most beneficial due to the work still being fresh in the mind of the student. Reece & Walker (2002 p470)


We had initially planned to deliver the micro teach two weeks earlier but one member of the group had a personal issue that forced the session to be delayed by two weeks. Our group had a diverse knowledge pool, IT, Physical Education and Marketing and because of this diversity I initially thought that finding a subject for the micro teaching session would be hard but to my surprise we had discussed and agreed the subject and each persons involvement within thirty minutes. The micro teaching session would be based on the human heart with each member of the group delivering a part of the session, my part would be to create the presentation materials using Microsoft PowerPoint, the marketing expert would devise the session plan and handouts and the PE instructor would discuss the function of the human heart. Each individual in the group contributed to each part of the session (see lesson plan and scheme of work submitted with this document).

Action Points

We set up the resources and distributed the handouts, the session started with our marketing expert discussing the aims and objectives of the session, when she had finished it was my turn to read some interesting heart facts from a PowerPoint presentation, I chose to read these facts direct from the projected screen and because of this I could not face the class, I believe that this was a mistake and in future I will ensure that I read from printed material.

After I had finished my interesting facts presentation the PE instructor completed her section which included explanations of the different aspects of the human heart, this was done using models and overhead projections, this section went particularly well and the students participated by asking questions, we had only allowed five minutes for this section but the amount of questions asked made the section overrun slightly. After this section was complete the students were given a quiz sheet, the quiz was based on the delivered session and this would be used to check learning had taken place, this section was handled mainly by the marketing expert who read the questions and confirmed the answers at the end. Overall the micro teaching session went well and issues were identified immediately, the students performed well on the quiz and the overall feedback was good.


Reece I & Walker S (2002) Teacher Training and Learning Fourth Edition Business Education Publishers Limited.

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