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Reflection 1- Community service/volunteerism

Community service/volunteerism is the rendering of assistance to individuals without financial gain (i.e. giving back to the community). This usually results in empowerment of individuals and improvement of communities. It makes me feel proud; by being useful to others. It also gives me a sense of self worth as I was able to positively impact person’s life. Jamaica is a Nation on a Mission, working towards development and growth of the Economy and Social Living by the year 2030.

Hence, the tag line “Jamaica, the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business”. In order to achieve this mission, four (4) goals were developed: Goal 1: Jamaicans are empowered to achieve their fullest potential. Goal 2: The Jamaican society is secure, cohesive and just.

Goal 3: Jamaica’s economy is prosperous.
Goal 4: Jamaica has a healthy natural Environment
Of these four goals two are closely linked with community service/volunteerism namely Goal 1 and Goal 4. “Whatever the mind can conceive you shall achieve it”.

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This is basically what Goal 1 for vision 2030, Jamaica is saying. With help, determination and persistence, one can aim high and achieve their goals and dreams. Mentors possess the skills needed to influence and empower individuals. Volunteering as a Mentor: will empower individuals with the mental frame of mind and the physical know how, to achieving their fullest potentials. Goal 4: Jamaica has a healthy natural Environment. Demonstrating and promoting good hygiene can influence one to keep their surrounding clean and aesthetic. Volunteers can promote healthy living and protection of the environment by hosting educational seminars, posters and other medium in schools, work places and on the street.

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These methods would educate individuals on issues such as proper hygiene, garbage disposal, recycling and reforestation. With the assistance of volunteers individuals can achieve their fullest potential and live in a clean, beautiful and healthy environment. I am currently volunteering at Danny Williams School for the Deaf. I deal with “deaf” individuals from ages one (1) to thirteen (13) years old that has dreams and goals to be accomplished. It is my ambition to support and gear these individuals on the path to success. The following methods are some of the ways I can contribute to achieve Goal 1 though community service: 1. Teaching the students to do sign language properly.

2. Teach them to cooperate and work as a term in solving issues. 3. Encourage them to be high achievers and that they can achieve anything as long as they put their mind to it. I’ll also tell them that they are no lesser than an individual. 4. Teach proper hygiene and aesthetics such as washing hands thoroughly with soap and water, dispose garbage in a bin 5. Promote positive values such as proper manners; excuse me, thank you, you’re welcome, please and so on. By following this simple method, Lives will be improved and Jamaica will be one step closer in achieving Vision 2030.

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Reflection 1- Community service/volunteerism

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