Reflecting on Wisdom Essay

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Reflecting on Wisdom

The one individual that I consider to be very wise is Bishop T.D. Jakes. Even though, I have never met him face-to-face; words spoken by him has inspired mass congregations; as well as me. Opposing to common beliefs, wisdom is not the ability to be knowledgeable about everything, but to a certain extent holding an open mind to additionally enhance comprehensions A wise person considers anything they say before they speak and discuss about area of circumstances he/she knows about and asks questions about the ones he/she are not familiar with. Individuals who have wisdom are inclined to be modest instead of displaying show-offs mentality. A wise individual have a tendency not to be competitive and do not mind if others have the notion to accuse them of being wrong. People with wisdom also know that people will gain knowledge at their own rate and in their own time, therefore not staring down on someone just because they are not equally understood. Wise people have great insight and a gifted ability to articulate it without belittling or embarrassing others.

My favorite characteristic of a wise person is their ability to look beyond what is obvious (especially in unfavorable circumstances) and focus on the subject at hand. It must be also being made aware of that wisdoms come from life encounters, mirror image and/or educational training. Bishop T.D. Jakes holds these characteristics traits as an individual of wisdom. Bishop Jakes uses illustrations from his personal experiences in life, in addition to the lives of others which is under his counseling; Bishop Jakes provides pointed guidance on how to shift from battle to triumph, from prey to conqueror. Motivating and revitalizing direct honesty, this is the ultimate source for those seeking to comprehend and care for the love ones in their lives. This lends a hand decoding individual’s often impenetrable conduct which offers one-on-one approaches for better understanding and therapeutic in a person’s affiliations. Books such as, He-Motions written by Bishop T.D. Jakes have put into words precision and prospect to everyone; which help them strengthen their relationships with themselves, others, and with their Savior.

It has also given females the explanations they try to find as they communicate to the men they be devoted to. It may seem unbelievable to some because of the fact; a book causing so many people to get nearer as one in relationships and closer to God. Wisdom is that attribute of spirituality by which creates the greatest potential outcome with the greatest potential measures; through ministry and spirituality. Wisdom and intellect-knowledge are not equivalent, yet are strongly associated. Knowledge is obtained by building up information, but wisdom is effects from the approaching of issues that are learned. Knowledge is the bits and pieces made known through which wisdom put together its formation. An individual not educated possibly will be wiser than the most knowledgeable intellectual in actuality time and again are!

While speaking of Bishop’s wisdom, it stands for his capability to formulate flawless conclusions and to accomplish those conclusions by great measures. Bishop in his wisdom makes use of the unlimited knowledge so that he may accomplish his objective in a means which praises God the greatest. All that is done by him seems to be prepared with flawless wisdom. Bishop perceives every thing in its proper relation to everything else, and so He is able to work toward His predestined goals with flawless precision. These are the reason, Bishop T.D. Jakes is known by many as a man of wisdom. He has changed lives through his knowledge of the Bible.

There is not any study of more importance or value than a study of the nature and attributes of spirituality. In the past few years, I have been drawn deeper into what is known as, “The Words of God”. This is the reason why attributes of spirituality is the area, in which I have developed most fully. At the same time, not anything in life worth having was ever gained overnight. Therefore, I feel much work is ahead for me; to fully develop in future years come. Neither knowledge nor wisdom is gained overnight; it is a continuous growth process for years to come.

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