Reflecting on Being an English as a Second Language Speaker

English is my second language with many difficulties that I faced them in twolast years I moved in United States. In my homeland we didn’t write as structural as here. Writing was my favorite because I have talent to write about general and specific things. We didn’t have something like thesis, plan of development, topic and supporting detail. So writing in United State was a big challenge for me. During the semester, I frustrated many times with my grades and thought I couldn’t go up any more, because there was a very big difference between ESOL 40 with other language people.

Sometimes, I recognized about why I’m here and studying with this crazy language that I couldn’t be good at all; in contrast I faced with my beliefs and challenges that helped me to focus on my mind to write an essay with these difficult subjectswith no experience as narrative essay, business essay and all argumentative essays.

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It makes me proud of myself to write something I never thought I can do in end of this semester and improve my writing skills, have learned my challenges and discovered strategies to overcome the challenges. There were many difficulties that I faced in English 49. One of the biggest was writing about argumentative essay which I did not have any idea about it.

I tried to understand how can I argue andwhich side I have to choose. Sometimes I was very worried of providing well supporting details for the topic in my side and belief.

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Also, I was feared of not having good strong position on one side. For example in in “Government Laws on Obesity” essay, I argued the laws for prevent obesity is effective. Converselyquote from sources on my opposite side that made my essay unclear. I thought that have to stay and explain my position, so in the revised paper I removed the wrong quote and found something argue my side much better. Therefore, one way that helped me to write argumentative essay was reading the sources several times and talk about the essay with my friend. It helped me to find good supports which a good argumentative essay needs. One of the best strategies that I used was outline.

Outline was very helpful to understand what I need in each paragraph and helped me to stay on task. I always had a problem to write a good thesis but after I learned how I could make my supporting details more organized with plan of development, my thesis got much better. For example, in “Narrative” essay, I wrote “” I felt very excited during my first day in school and I never thought that it would lead to huge disappointment from the unfamiliar environment, native students and the professors who were speaking so fast.” By using the method of plan of development as “unfamiliar environment”, “native students” and “professors who were speaking fast” it was more organized and helped me to follow my supporting details in order. The most difficulty in English 49 was DTC, which made me nerves to write in a very short time as a second language in class with no revise.

Even the prompt wasn’t ashock, but writing in a short time never couldnot easy to keep my thoughts in my mind. However,it was very gracious that Professor Steinberg helped us to be more familiar with the sources and spend many time on “Take My Data, Please” and “In Invasion of the Cookie Monsters” articles. Also I spent a lot of time on Internet researching and gathering information to have more idea about what is cookies and people concern of privacy. Furthermore, I used outline to have a plan for each paragraph. Frist, I decided to determine what side I want to argue and then I determined which quote is better for supporting my side.

I spent many hours on articles to understand the connection between quote and the example that I would like to use. I would like to share the great strategy that I used for this particular DTC for making similarity toreal DTC. I gave myself one hour and twenty minutes to write about guesses prompt three times. It was really helpful for many reasons. First I understood my weaknesses and strengths in the simulation testing. For example I inferred that I choose a quote and example but my body paragraph still needed to explain more to be stronger. NextI figured out which area needed to spend more time on it. Third I evaluated how much time that I need for each paragraph to finish my essay with no wane. And at end, I am so proud of myself on what I did on DTC. I believe I did well with following this strategy. I had enough time written all paragraphs although; if I had more time I was able to do much better.

Another difficulty that I had, and still to some degree, is using the correct grammar in my writing. I would write sentences with the wrong verbs tense, the verb that should not come with subjects and time. I realized that I needed to concentrate on my grammar if I would like to become a good writer and continue my education. It doesn’t matter how organized my essaysare if my writing is not grammatically exact.So, I tried to pay close attention to correction on my first draft and find out my mistakes. Hopefully we had chance to ask our grammar question and writing problems in writing lab. Always there are many professors ready to help us and explain the things that not clear for us.

However, most recently essay about obesity has a lot less grammar errors. When I started this class, I needed to improve my skill writing in many areas. It was very helpful with many new thoughts. I found my weakness and improvements during the semester. I have learned how to overcome my writing problems and improve them. It was very helpful practice and made me ready for the next step of English class. Even I’m looking back in the first day of semester, I feel amazing to make a big change in my writing skills. I’m so excited to use what I learned in English 49 to start new challenges in English 101 and overcome all difficulties.

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