Refining Solutions Essay

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Refining Solutions

1.How exactly will your solution be applied? List all steps and all important details. Forming a watershed group that will look out for the protection of the Birch River area as far as environmental, water quality and recreation opportunities go. The first thing would be to make that important first decision to form the group. Secondly, interest must be gauged by having meetings in the area to see if there are enough potential members so that a difference might be made. Third, we would have to go through the process via the political route to make sure that we follow all guidelines that have been stipulated for such groups. This usually entails incorporation, tax concerns and the availability of grants to aid in your work.

2.What difficulties could arise in its implementation, and how would these best be overcome? The biggest concern, as previously noted, is local apathy. Too often people see things for what they are or what they have become and do not think a difference can be made. Convincing the general population in the area that we wanting to take nothing away but only protect and enhance the river area is the key. People have to see you as being genuine and interested in being a partner with them in these actions and not someone just wanting to come in and take over or run things.

3.What reasons might others find for opposing this solution? What modifications could you make to overcome their opposition? The biggest reason for opposition is the mindset that this group wants to come in and stop anyone from logging, drilling for oil and gas or to basically restrict activities in the area. We have to find a way to convince them that we support these activities but they must be carried out in the manner intended. Too often in these rural area, outfits try to do as little as possible and sometimes nothing to mitigate any damage to the creeks or river by simply doing what is required by law. We want to partner with such groups so that they realize that there are people watching and interested in what goes on in that river corridor.

4.Who, specifically, will have to be persuaded of the merit of your solution? What kind of presentation would be most likely to persuade them? The local landowners are the key to all of this. If we do not have their support, then they can refuse for us to access the river through their property. At times, quite a bit of watershed area is controlled by one individual and if this person is alienated, then access to the river for studies or other work can be severely restricted. These people have to see you as genuine with no ulterior motives involved and that you only have the best interest of the river at heart.

5.How exactly will your solution be applied? It has to be done on a daily basis or at least in each activity that is visible to the public. The general public, whether it is the local landowners or not, have to see you and your group doing the type of work that you have stated is your intention. When people can see you are keeping your word and doing what you have promised, then the trust factor is raised which can open up more opportunities. 6.What difficulties could arise in its implementation, and how would these best be overcome? There will always be some sort of opposition from people that just think that the status quo is always going to be good enough. You should never back down from trying to persuade this person but at the same time you should give them the impression that you think less of them for holding to their opinion.

7.Why might others resist this solution? What modifications could you make to overcome this resistance? Others might resist this solution if you do not include as many local people as possible. Often in these type of watershed groups, you will have people that do not live full time in the area. They might have property along the river or camps of some kind. These people are important in the aspect of getting workers but having a local buy in is the key to maintaining the work needed in the watershed.

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