Reducing Absolute Poverty in the World

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The most effective way of reducing/or eliminating absolute poverty in the world is through enhancement of global peace and working together globally to raise the third world countries from extreme poverty. This can be done through establishment of up-to- date industrialisation mechanisms and ensuring affordable education system both in the developing and developed countries.

A lot still need to be done to reduce this global menace. The developing counties should abandon the rain-fed agriculture and adopt industrialised agriculture in order to create more jobs.

The modernization sociological theory would definitely agree with my proposal.

Modernization encompasses a number of important factors which can change the globally set up easily. Through modernization, a lot of jobs will be created and through this, individuals can raise their standards of living, afford the basic needs and educate their children.

Mobilize on the use of femiplan methods to drastically reduce the human population or the standard of living of citizen where every household should have only two children.

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with a manageable population countries that are poor will be able to develop and rich their full potential. My proposal would be supported by the dependency theory in that dependency or Reliance hypothesis is the idea that assets spill out of a ‘fringe’ of poor and immature states to a ‘center’ of rich states, enhancing the last to the detriment of the former.Through unequal financial relations with well off nations as proceeded with obligations and outside exchange, poor nations keep on being needy and not able to take advantage of their maximum capacity for development.

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The meanings of reliance hypothesis may shift contingent upon the political component that is talking about the hypothesis. In spite of the gathering that the hypothesis definition is originating from, there are three key considers that are available any reliance hypothesis definition. The first is the way that there are two arrangements of states in each economy. There will dependably be a predominant state and a reliant state in the economy. The predominant state is the characterizing element for the economy of the needy state. The needy state depends on the overwhelming state for exportation and importation of merchandise and ventures.

The following characterizing component is that there will dependably be outside powers that impact the needy state as an immediate aftereffect of powers that impact the predominant state. The last part of the hypothesis is that the states will dependably impact each other and will additionally fortify the way that the states connect with each other. Regardless of what outer variables impact possibly one, both states will reliably be pushing toward a more grounded level whether they are prevailing or subordinate.

The most effective way of reducing and eliminating absolute poverty in the world is implementing economic development programs. These programs target would be to reduce the standards of living and reducing human population.

Reducing the standards of living will mean that more people will gradually be able to live a comfortable life, be able to access all their basic needs and reduce the level of crime hence as a result leading to a reduction of poverty.

Reducing human population would be aiming at reducing the number of people who are dependent on others for their needs. The use of family planning methods and educating people on how reduction of human population can be an effective way of reducing the level of poverty can be of great assistance in making this program to prevail.

I would agree to propose the world system sociological theory, this is because this theory aims at making the whole world a society, that is one party. This theory focuses on the whole inter societal system as one single society and it also proposes on the division of labour, hence due these facts, it would be the best one to propose and implement /administeras well

One of the most effective ways of reducing absolute poverty in the world is by reducing unemployment. Unemployment is the main cause of poverty in the world.

One of the most effective ways of reducing absolute poverty in the world is by reducing unemployment. Unemployment is the main cause of poverty in the world. This is because people who are unemployed have no income or have very little income, therefore, they become dependent and unproductive. Unemployment can be reduced or eliminated by implementing supply-side and demand-side policies.

According to my proposal, I will agree with modernization theory. This is because this theory illustrates modernization process of a particular country. It explains how a country changes from traditional system to modern system. This change from traditional system to a modern system should be accompanied by the reduction in unemployment.

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