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Red Wine

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 2 (476 words)
Categories: Alcohol, Ancient Egypt, Food, Food And Culture, Food And Nutrition, History, Period
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Red red wine is a type of preferred drinks in the world, it produced by red, blue or purple grapes. When people commemorate and making a toast to their pals, a cup of red white wine is required and likewise it is the best option than the other white wines, not just due to the fact that it has a long history, however also it is healthily for people. R. Curtis Ellison, M. D. stated:” Moderate alcohol intake, particularly moderate red white wine usage, is related to much lower threat of cardiovascular disease and stroke, leading causes of death in the United States.” (Lewis Perdue, 2004, p1 ).

Ernest Hemingway said: “Red wine is the most civilized thing on the planet.” (Ernest Hemingway, 2004, p1). Due to it is produced by grapes without other ingredients, red white wine become a sort of natural and nutritional drinks. It includes three significant nutrients which are the maintenance of human life and activities: vitamins, protein and sugar.

In the alcohols, it also consists of the greater minerals, in other words, it is much better for our bones. The PH of red wine is between 2 to 2. 5 which is comparable with stomach juice of human-being.

However, red wine likewise contains a particular percentage of alcohol, it can not drink too much, otherwise it will damage the body’s immune system, increasing opportunities for cancer. (According to: Youjia Hand, 2008, p1). All in all, type R. Curtis Ellison, M. D. Words, a little red white wine might assists people construct a strong defence for the disease. For modern-day people, drinking red white wine, which is a sign of wealth and enjoy. Due to the fact that of its history, a bottle of red white wine, people would cost hundreds yuan and even millions yuan.

Since hundred-thousand years back, humans start to making red white wine, and the red white wine culture spreading so far. In ancient Egypt, especially in the areas of the Nile Valley, from the excavation of the tomb, the archaeologists found Ancient Egyptians utilized oil or red wine packed earth pottery. in Greece there is an ancient cave, the archaeologists found that there is a relief about 2nd century BC on the wall which is a landscape of Apollo and Victoria presented the grape to the God. (According to: WineChina, 2004, p1).

What a long history it has! Red wine is the gift from nature, its history as far as humans` civilization, its nutritions as better as chemical pills. When people making a toast of red wine, either the history price or the health, both as the gift to their friends.


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