Red Hat Linux Operating System Computer Science Essay

Red Hat Linux is an unfastened beginning and a massive operating system. The ruddy chapeau Linux is introduced by ruddy chapeau endeavor. The basic intent of printing the ruddy chapeau is to do it available commercially and their basic purpose is to the mainframes.


Red hat linux 1.0 was released in the twelvemonth of 1994. It was the first Linux to utilize the RPM bundle director. The term RPM refers to two things

Software Package file format

Software packaged in this format

This bundle director was the starting point for the many distributions of the Linux runing systems.

Red chapeau was discontinued in the twelvemonth 2003. Red hat 9.0 was the concluding release. Still today many updates are available of the ruddy chapeau which are being published by the Fedora undertaking.


It is a multitasking and multi scheduling distribution. A user can treat a figure of undertakings at a clip.

It is multiplatform that it runs on many computing machine architecture non merely INTEL.

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It has memory protection so there is no leak of memory and the whole memory may non be used by merely a individual procedure.

Particular file system called UMSDOS which allows it to be installed on DOS file system.

It has a particular characteristic of dynamically shared library and besides inactive library.

UTF-8 was enabled for the ruddy chapeau 8.0 for the character encoding strategy. it had a small consequence on the people talking English but it caused internationalism as it supported more than one linguistic communication platform.

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It introduced a graphical installer called the ANACONDA. It has been written on Python and C. It provides both the GUI manner and console manner so it can be installed on a broad scope of systems.

TCP/IP networking. Network client waiter.

Red hat 7.0 was prepared for the Kernal 2.4.

It has a CDROM file system and is capable of reading all sorts of CD & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s.

Version 9.0 supported the Native POSIX thread Library. it is a system application that enables the linux meat to run those plans that are written in Native POSIX thread Library.

Virtual memory of ruddy chapeau supports the construct of paging that it distributes the procedures into sections, it does non trade the whole procedures.

It besides posses firewall capablenesss.

Macintosh file system is available on separate faculty.

It has unified pool memory and disc cache for user plans and that every user is equal portion of memory.

The chief characteristic of ruddy chapeau that is that it is suited for all sorts of users but fundamentally it is used more by the individuals who have their involvement in the field of the unfastened beginning scheduling.


Many experts have compared Red Hat Linux with other Linux runing system but every user has its ain perceptual experience. This was the base of the Linux operating system so no dought this must be considered as one of the best Linux runing system on the footing of distribution of memory and user infinite and its handiness and relaxation to the user side.


Solaris is unix based operating system and was introduced by the Sun Microsystems. It is besides a unfastened beginning system. It supports the waiters and workstations of the Sun Microsystems. It is supported on all the sellers. It is non consigned to individual platform.


There are a figure of characteristics of solaris operating system

Solaris one which was based sun os 4 release for selling intents.

Solaris two to back up SMP which was foremost to back up multithreading.

Solaris 2.1

Solaris 2.2

Solaris 2.3

Solaris 2.4

Solaris 2.5

Solaris 2.5.1

Solaris 2.6

After this there was a alteration in solaris series and direct solaris seven was launched it made immense impact on the market.

Solaris 8

Solaris 9

Solaris 10 is the latest version of this operating system and supports many new applications of Sun Microsystems.


The first solaris runing system was published by the Sun Microsystems in September 1991. The latest version of the solaris operating system is solaris 10 which has a figure characteristics and it has made user interface much easier and all sorts of users can utilize this type of operating system. The sunos 5.10 is the nucleus of solaris 10 and has some new capablenesss.


Many figure of architectures supports this merchandise of sun Microsystems.





Fujitsu Seimens

Open beginning, multi tasking, multi processing.

It has low cost by uniting many applications on a individual platform.

Dynamic tracing

Real clip debugging

Certified multi level security

Solaris 10 demands are

Minimum of 256 memory

Minimum disk infinite of 12GB

Maximal processors 64 spot

Minimum processor 32 spot

It can keep the maximal memory of 1 TB.

It has pooled storage that every user will acquire a specified storage topographic point non less or non more than that.

It has logical spheres.

It has ZFS file system.

It supports a figure of merchandises of sun microsytem like the prognostic ego mending solaris trusted extensions and many more.


In short solaris 10 is truly good and amazing merchandise of sun Microsystems and it has lead the company to many accomplishments and it truly encourages a tough market for other members of printing this sort of merchandise.


Microsoft windows 7 is the latest release version of Microsoft and it has made a great impact on the market after the failure of Windowss vista. It is truly easy to utilize and many of the people are switching onto this merchandise of Microsoft. Many seminars are being conducted by the Microsoft and many pupils are being invited to go to these seminars. Through these seminars many of the people are larning the existent power of the microsft windows 7.


1 GHz and minimal 32 spot processor

Minimum of 1GB of RAM.

Minimum of 16GB of difficult disc.

Direct X 9 artworks.


In 1983 microsoft a GUI interface for its ain usage. After this it has released many versions of Microsoft and is utile a great deal.MS-Dos was the first of the operating system of Microsoft and after this many of the operating systems have been released which are really much useful for the day-to-day life users who use runing systems for amusement and many other materials.


Windows 95

Windows 98

Windows 2000

Windows NT household

Windows Xp

Windows Vista

Windows 7


Like all other runing this operating system is besides multi scheduling and multi tasking and multi processing and supports many platforms.

It has many hidden subjects which are to be explored by the user.

It is widely used operating system today many people are switching to this type of operating system.

It has Kernel betterments

It has new booting services.

It has new appliances. Appliances were foremost introduced in Windowss view which are present in the sidebar.exe. windows 7 besides consists of the same characteristics but they are advanced in the affairs of artworks and presentations.

Quick launch offer has been replaced with traping applications.

It has clear type text tuner.

For developers windows 7 supports new type of API and has made easy development easy for the new people.

It consists of new libraries, which includes of practical booklets.

Search box in the adventurer and the address saloon can be resized.

New characteristics included in the start up bill of fare.

Jump list option has been included by which individual can maintain its mouse on an point can shop many things.


Windows 7 is the latest of the merchandises of the Microsoft and it consists of some truly new characteristics which has made this merchandise one of the best merchandises of Microsoft. It has made the life of the user truly easy.


Windows nomadic edition is a compact nomadic edition developed particularly for the smart phone users it has many characteristics. It is based on Windowss CE and developed utilizing Microsoft Windowss API. It is someway related to the desktop versions of Windowss. This was fundamentally built for concern adult male who can run their electronic mails from anyplace.


Windows mobile started from 2000 when pocket personal computer was launched it gave new life to the users of the nomadic. Many people shifted from their ordinary phone to the pocket personal computer. This is how windows Mobile got truly hit and forced a figure of professionals to acquire to cognize the use of this sort of engineering.


Pocket personal computer 2000

Pocket personal computer 2002

Windows nomadic 2003

Windows nomadic 2003 SE

Windows mobile 5

Windows mobile 6

Windows mobile 6.1

Windows mobile 6.5


Windows mobile 6.5.1

Windows mobile 6.5.3

Windows mobile 6.6

Windows mobile 7


Today screen shows day of the month, proprietor information, pop up electronic mails and many other characteristics.

It consists of the option of Windowss shoping.

The latest version of Windowss nomadic consists of Microsoft my phone by which a individual can sync its phone to the informations web and acquire its information back from the beginning.

It has societal networking applications by which a user can utilize facebook and many other types of these applications.

Updated lock screen

It consists of interior decorator subjects through which user can do its ain manner of backgrounds.

It consists of many package games through which the user of the Windowss based Mobile can be entertained.

It consists of Windowss media participant in which many sorts of pictures can be played.

Msn Widgets provide the information to the stock and conditionss.

It consists of truly nice sorts of applications like Microsoft office has been included in the future version of Windowss nomadic edition.


Windows mobile brought a influence in the universe and many people are basking the serviceability of this sort of operating system and it has made the life of the existent professionals truly easy and a individual can acquire to his work within seconds without holding to worry about any thing.


Mac os is a trade grade name which is established by apple. This was established for their macintosh systems in order to advance them and do them available for everybody to utilize their machines and do a hallmark that this operating system can merely be used on their machine and no 1 else can utilize this operating system except for the apple users.

History OF MAC OS

In 1983 the first mac os was established from where it all started. It was trade name new thought which helped in the universe in GUI manner.


Mac os server 1.0 tens

Public beta

Mac os 10.0

Mac os 10.1

Mac os 10.2

Mac os 10.3

Mac os 10.4

Mac os 10.5

Mac os 10.6 ( latest )


mac os has an extra graphical interface known as AQUA.

It besides a parallel processing and multitasking operating system and utile in figure of instances.

It besides has remote desktop connexion which is truly utile for all sorts of users.

It consists of different sorts of doodads.

It is merely bearable merely on one sort architecture of apple.

It has the capableness of practical desktop.


One of the finest and greatest merchandises of apple and one can truly bask it.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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