Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding Processes Essay

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Recruitment, Selection and Onboarding Processes

When assessing the strengths and weaknesses of my company’s recruiting, selecting and onboarding processes, there are definitely good processes and areas that need some significant improvement. As with most companies, they have to deal with a large number of applicants so it is easy to understand why some areas of the hiring process may become neglected. It is perfectly okay to admit there are deficiencies in a process or program as long as steps are taken to rectify the deficient areas in order to enhance the program.

First of all, my company does very well in the recruiting and selecting of candidates because they are very critical of their choices. Recruiting is mostly done through employee referral and social networking sites and internet job boards. The requirements are spelled out very clearly online for each position that is listed and the recruiters make sure they select candidates who fit the proper criteria.

An initial interview is performed by the recruiter to see if you are a viable candidate and if they believe you have what it takes as well as the proper credentials then they will forward your name and resume to the hiring manager where you will sit through a more thorough interview to determine if you are truly the best candidate for the position. All of this is a very good process to make sure qualified candidates are being brought into the organization; however, once the new hires are brought into the organization there is a serious breakdown in the hiring process and it is with the onboarding.

If there is one area where my company desperately needs to make improvements, it is in the onboarding process because there really isn’t much of one. It is essential that every successful organization establish and maintain an effective onboarding program to ensure each new employee is properly welcomed into the organization and feels as if they belong there. Without proper onboarding, new employees can become quickly frustrated because there are many new things to learn in a new job and they aren’t being shown what to do.

All too often it is assumed that new employees were hired because they know what they are doing, therefore nobody bothers to show them the ropes. Just because someone has all of the credentials for the position does not mean they understand how the process plays out within a specific organization. I know that when I was hired at my company I was left hung out to dry. Nobody showed me how to do anything for the first couple of weeks and I quickly became frustrated.

I had just been hired and I already wanted to quit the position. So what should be done in the onboarding process to make sure each new employee feels a sense of worth and importance? New employees should go through a company orientation that explains all facets of the company and they should also be given a guided tour of where they will be working so they know exactly where all of the essential equipment and personnel are located in order to alleviate much of the newcomer stress.

Most of all, new hires should be assigned a sponsor who will assist them while they are making the transition into the company so the new employee knows that if they are having any troubles or need questions answered, there is someone there to assist them. These simple actions will make a new employee feel much less stress and anxiety while transitioning into their new position and it will leave a lasting impression on them which may persuade them to stay on with the company longer than what they probably would if they were just left to fend for themselves.

So, the bottom line is this…don’t just have a hiring process that has “some” good aspects to it with some areas needing serious attention. Make sure all the areas (recruiting, selecting and onboarding) are given the proper attention so the program is well-rounded. This will go a long way in retaining employees and giving them a positive attitude about the company they have just been assigned to.

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