Recruitment Of A Star Essay

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Recruitment Of A Star

In the case study of “Recruitment of a star” there are four candidates for the job offered by Stephen Conner. They are Gerald Baum, David Hughes, Sonia Meetha and Seth Horkum. Among all, my choice is Seth Horkum. There were several positive aspect which made him my first option such as his time management (being at interview before the schedule), his prior experience with PowerChip company (Upcoming client for RSH), his long term commitment (15 years of service @ Jefferson Brothers) which allows dependency and loyalty. With all the above aspects and the intelligence he exhibited in the interview makes him the best fit for the job.

What problems does Stephen Conner face?

When Stephen let Peter go, the biggest problem was to find the right replacement at the earliest. So the time was the key factor because it was the time when they were in need of a senior analyst to get started with the new client (PowerChip Company). Apart from that, he was facing a lot of concerns from the senior executives of the organization about his decision of letting Peter go. In fact they were more upset with his decision of making Rina who was an assistant to peter and joined the organization just 3 years ago as a substitute for Peter. What should Peter’s replacement look like, and which of the candidates best fits this description? (Page 4) Peter was extremely intelligent and his analytical skills were superior. So if one has to replace Peter must be of the same cadre and fit into the same shoe. He was always and achiever and go getter. His priorities were time management, resource management and competency at work. So to find the best replacement, there must be another Peter with the similar skill set and attitude. So at this juncture, Seth and Sonia are the best fit because Seth is punctual, ambitious and if opportunity given, he can rank up to the higher position with his intellectual, technical and analytical skills.

On the other hand, Sonia is also a very hard working. Even though she is working in a boutique, her performance since past three years has grown over and her clients also believes that she is a true up-and-comer and could become one of the best analyst on the wall street if given a better platform Put yourself in the place of each of the five candidates (include Rina), what should each person highlight during the interview process? How could each person differentiate him or herself from the other candidates? Gerald Baum: The highlights of Gerald’s personality are that he is not only the star analyst in semiconductor industry but in past he was a lead analyst in electronics and electrical connectors industry as well. At Gotz and Loeb which is a specialized firm with an emphasis in technology industry has given an enormous opportunity to Gerald to grow as an analyst and also gain industry knowledge.

David Hughes: The well seasoned aged David Hughes is also one of the candidate for the peter’s position. While working for big firms like Spenser’s and company, David got opportunity to tune into the global market and gain the best industry experience. Also learned writing business plans, progress reports and even year end reviews. Sonia Meetha: She is the candidate with both sales and technical skills. She is an excellent writer. Being a techno-managerial graduate and having dual experience of working both in engineering and sales team has gave her an edge over the other interviewees.

Seth Horkum: He is a very promising analyst with a prior experience working with RSH future client PowerChip company and also have close contacts in that company. He has not just accessible and responsive for the clients but also gave long hours for the organization to fulfill the task which other analyst couldn’t do. Rina Shea: The most convincing point for her is the association she is having with the company and also her recent experience of assisting Peter. She is an excellent writer and had learned a lot of other skills from Peter which got her into the list of candidates to be considered for the senior analyst position. Analyze the selection processes being used. What are the strengths and weaknesses, and how could any weaknesses be mitigated? The process adopted by Stephen to select the replacement for Peter was pre-screening followed by a Face to Face Interview session with the Candidates.

Past employment history
Punctuality of the interviewees
Soft Skills / Communication skills
Technical Skills
Personality Traits

I Do not see any weakness in the interview process adopted by Stephen (pre-screening and Face to Face). In fact it gave him an edge over just reading their profiles and listening to the word of mouth during pre-screening. How would the organizational entry and socialization process differ between Rina and one of the other candidates if chosen? SWOT for Rina Shea:

Strength :

Being junior to Peter, she had a good understanding of all the work that Peter undertook. With an association of over three years at the firm, she is well versed with the company culture and values. She has exceptional writing skills.


Rina is lesser experienced compare to other senior candidates
She must be assertive while presenting her reports
Rina must learn/ Enhance Decision making skills.
She depends on other senior analysts for advices and suggestions most of the time

Opportunities :

Being familiar with the company, Rina would not need an induction and familiarization sessions.


The vast experience that other candidates bringing to the table. If chosen, The other candidates shall grow up the ladder faster and better than Rina At times, she may be emotionally disturbed because of temporary promotion and again going back to the same assistant job which may result in losing confidence, loyalty and responsiveness.

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