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Recruitment At Richer Sounds Essay

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John Clayton is the training and recruitment director within the business. His two key areas are the colleague support or the recruitment/training office. He works closely with the manager of colleague support, Tracey Armstrong.

Richer Sounds personal views on Recruitment

Richer Sounds always tries to recruit people who have friendly personalities and like to enjoy their work. The company looks for these keys on candidates rather than much of their grades because normally these people normally start to work as a sales person or work in the support department.

The promotion policy in Richer Sounds enables efficiently working colleagues to be promoted up in the company rather than recruiting new employees who have no understanding within the business. Richer Sounds only recruit employees if they need someone who has the skills to do particular work such as professional in I.T.

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How Richer Sounds advertise for new colleagues

Within every edition of the in-store catalogue and website they advertise their vacancies, these vacancies are usually for needs of new sales person or need new employees to work in the departments. This generates ongoing application from many interested people. If there are no vacancies at that time then they keep all record of people who applied, for about six months.

Colleagues are also able to advice his/hers friends o relatives to work in the company, however these applicants should also follow the same rule of application as all other people.

These adverts causes the company to save major amount of money each time because if they would publish it on the newspaper everytime then they would have to pay certain amount to the newspaper company therefore this idea of having to publish on their catalogues and website is good idea. If the company doesn’t receive any phone call from any people regarding the job then finally the company will have to publish it on the newspapers.

For specialist employees to recruit the company notifies the vacancy to the employment agency.

The recruitment process at richer sounds

The recruitment process is shown on the following steps:

– Identify any vacancies within the business

– Advertise the vacancies

– The company the look’s through all the CV’s relevant to that store or department

– They schedule for interviews – with appropriate store or department manager. In Richer Sound all managers have completed their Managers Development Course and while doing they also received training on interview, how to interview a candidate.

– The applicant which is been successful is been given a trial day to work at richer sounds

– If all the interview and trial day is completed and the candidates are successful then the candidates can either send an application form which states that he/she is agreeing to work with richer sounds.

– Next all these new candidates have to meet either Jez Avens, John Clayton or Lee Nelson for their final approval

– When the company receives the application form, the business then sends these forms for references and as the candidate gets one or more good reference he/she is offered the job. They then write a letter to the candidate, which also includes the statement of terms of employment.

– Final step for the company is to send off letters to all candidates given an interview regarding that they have given this job to someone. This is given so the candidates would know if he/she would get the job.

The company policy and rules

Richer sounds have several policies on recruitment so they do not operate within the law but also operate truthfully. These include

– The company’s equal opportunities statement.

– The test shouldn’t require high level of English

– Richer Sounds never ask a woman about their family

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