Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Essay

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Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

Recruiting for Landslide Limousine Services requires multiple strategies. Confining the company on strategy will immensely decrease the chances of finding quality, skilled applicants with the appropriate attitude towards their position. Recruiting begins with locating potential applicants and enticing them to the company. Advertisements are good, especially for a new company. Another source of applicants is the CDL classes and other limousine companies previous employees. Once a suitable selection of applicants is established the interviewing process begins. The applications are carefully reviewed, along with a background check. This is important because the employees are dealing with high society at times, and it is a commercial driving business.

Employees must not have been arrested at any point for certain offenses, especially vehicle or theft related. Once a more refined selection has been made from the written applications formal interviews are next. Formal, face-to-face interviews allow the hiring manager to evaluate ones attitude. The attitude can decide if an applicant would be a good fit for the company and help to raise their image, while a bad attitude would eliminate any customer contact. According to our readings, when conducting an interview certain steps should be followed to ensure the most is gained on both sides other desk. 1) Standard questions, with flexibility is delivery (can be asked in different ways)

2) Set a time and place

3) Pay attention to applicant’s answers and body language. The reason these steps are important is because they provide a uniform method for each applicant. They provide the ability to alter the interview to each individual applicant. Another issue is to make sure not to promise the position to an individual during the interview before reviewing each of the interviews and applications. Some of the areas to pay attention to are an applicant’s appearance, character, communication styles and habits, intellect, education level, knowledge of the position or craft, special talents, and the potential of furthering their development. The final selection of candidates consists of creating an analysis containing the information gathered during the interview, including the background check, driving records, and their application. This will allow the manager to carefully evaluate and compare each candidate, choosing the most appropriate for the positions available.

Workplace Diversity

The changes in societies demographics are evident as globalization becomes more common, which creates a more diverse work environment. Managing a diverse workforce will present various advantages (new perspectives on process) as well as challenges (cultural or language barriers). Some of the advantages of hiring a diverse staff are the new outlooks and perspectives of each situation. It will also help Landslide Limousine to cater to clients coming from other countries; the staff member from that area could provide tips on how to better serve the client in a manner that will not be unintentionally disrespectful.


The demographic makeup of Austin Texas, according to US Census Bureau, is mostly white Americans and Latino and Hispanic. The general population, estimated in 2012, is almost 843,000 individuals with an average income of $31,000 a year, and an average of over 80,000 businesses (US Dept. of Commerce, 2014). Keeping this in mind, diversity within Landslide Limousine will not be an issue. According to the average income, holidays and special events will be the most likely first regular busy seasons. Once the reputation grows among the businesses in the area so will the company. This means that Mr. Stonefield must obey the laws pertaining to the varying cultures in the area. Some of the laws important considered for Mr. Stonefield to consider are the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964, – prohibits discrimination based on religion, color, sex or origin. This is law is particularly applicable to workplaces employing more than 15 people (EEOC, 2013). The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967- protects employees from discrimination on the basis of age. Both private and public employers need to adhere to the provisions of the law which calls for eliminating discrimination of employees above the age of forty (EEOC, 2013). The Americans Act with Disabilities Act of 1990 – prohibits discrimination in hiring competent persons with disabilities, for public and private employers (EEOC, 2013).

Organizational Branding

Creating an organizational brand is crucial in creating awareness of the company and recognition associated with the logo and the quality of service. The point of a brand is to create an emotional connection tying consumers to a brand preference. What this means, is that as consumers, some people prefer a specific brand, or level of brand. Organizational branding creates that perception of the company that resonates with consumers who desire only the best; this directs them to or away from your brand. This branding is first achieved by word-of-mouth from employees, friends, and family.

As business gains clientele, they will begin to spread their impression of the company. The goal is to ensure that both the employees and the clients are creating the same impression. Each company has their own design to represent their company. This not only provides an image that Landslide Limousine services wants to promote, but it is a reminder of that goal and source of pride for any company owner.

Branding methods are as diverse as society and are limitless; but they also set the standard by which to company wishes to operate. Landslide Limousine Services is an interesting name which should make picking a brand less difficult. The more interesting, with a play on words or an image depicting a desired outcome would be really good choices.


After applicants have submitted his or her application and each application, is carefully reviewed a formal interview must follows. Conducting formal interviews are important because it will assist the hiring manager and the applicant the opportunity to evaluate the positions working conditions. According to, the text interviews are known as scheduled communication. When conducting the proper interview it is important to follow the following steps (Cascio, 2013). Have a comprehensive list of questions to ask applicant in a flexible method.

Prepare for the interview and select a designated time in a quiet location. Pay close attention to applicants and listen to his or he answers with an opened mind. It is important to avoid interruptions and answering the phone when conducting a formal interview. It is also important to avoid making promises to potential applicants including promising applicants that someone will contact them with the results. If promised it is proper to do so to avoid misrepresenting or misleading the applicant. In addition to conducting a proper interview it is necessary to evaluate the following,


Potential for furthering his or her development and determination

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