Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations Essay

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Recruitment and Selection Strategies Recommendations

With the expansion of Clapton Commercial Construction on the horizon, Atwood and Allen Consulting have created these recommendations for recruitment and selection. Clapton Commercial Construction will be expanding by twenty percent into Arizona, which is a new market for them. In this proposal we will discuss the need to recruit/select for the expansion project, the importance of diversity, how Clapton Commercial Construction can brand their organization, and how to legally recruit and select candidates. Once all these concepts are in place for Clapton Commercial Construction the company will be ready for the Arizona market.

Diverse workforce

In order for Clapton Commercial Construction to succeed in a new market and meet the demands of their future clients, they will need to recruit. An increase of workforce by twenty percent will require an understanding of the employment need. To successfully meet your expansion need for the next five years, the company needs to understand the U.S. market. Your market is tight which means construction workers are in high demand. This will lead to a high talent pool with diverse ethnicity. “The United States workforce is diverse and becoming more so every year” (Casico, 2012). Your organization is part of the service economy. Clapton will employee a workforce that resembles their clients, this help with communication when language barriers exist and assist in providing a new set of talent not yet available to your organization.

Clapton’s company brand should be seen as an organization that is concerned with reaching and enhancing your clients experiences by showing them how Clapton is culturally in tuned. Over the next five years the company will go through an annual twenty percent employment increases and turnover of twenty percent. With this in mind Clapton has to provide an incentive package that is competitive in the Arizona market that decreases turnover rates. The business strategy of the organization will be based on teamwork. Diversity will be a big component of this concept. Teamwork is only successful when all working parts are functioning as one. Diversity awareness course should be given to all employees, and conflicts will need to be resolved as soon as managers are aware.

Recruitment concepts

Recruitment is vital to the success of your organization. This process will determine your workforce. As mentioned in our prior recommendation it is important to hire employees that share the organizations goal of successfully expanding into a new market, while continuing to provide our clients with superior service. The human capital theory suggests that education or training raises the productivity of workers by imparting useful knowledge and skills, hence raising workers’ future income by increasing their lifetime earnings (Becker, 1964). Before Clapton can post the vacancy for open position, you must determine the type of candidate you are searching for. Ensure that the description for the open position is descriptive of the job role; the knowledge, skill and ability needed. The post should also reflect the expectations of the candidate and a clear outline of the Clapton’s organizational goal.

Recruitment will be handled by your HR department specialist; they should be family with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act. “According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), an employer may not fire, demote, harass, or otherwise “retaliate” against an individual for filing a charge of discrimination, participating in a discrimination proceeding, or otherwise opposing discrimination. The same laws that prohibit discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, and disability, as well as wage differences between men and women performing substantially equal work, also prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose unlawful discrimination or participate in an employment discrimination proceeding” (Cascio, 2012).”

Arizona is considered a work at will state. This means simply that the employment is not based on a formal contract and can be severed by the employee or employer with or without a cause. Even though Arizona is a work at will state, discrimination is still prohibited. Arizona does not require an employer to provide breaks or lunches but as an employer who prides themselves on providing exceptional employee benefits Clapton should still provide employees two paid breaks and an unpaid lunch break during an eight hour shift (


Atwood and Allen Consulting have created a recruitment and selection Strategies plan that will help Clapton Commercial Construction facility in Arizona move along. If Clapton Commercial Construction follows this recruitment planning the company will be successful within the next five years. Employment will have expanded and the facility will be well known in Arizona. With the help of the HR Department Clapton has to provide an incentive package that is competitive in the Arizona market that decreases turnover rates.

Becker, G. S. (1964). Human capital. New York: Columbia University Press Retrieved on May 3, 2014 from:

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