Recruitment And Selection Strategies Recommendation Essay

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Recruitment And Selection Strategies Recommendation

Recruitment and Selection Strategies for Clapton Commercial Construction With the Michigan to Arizona expansion, Atwood and Allen Consulting recommends Clapton Commercial Construction (CCC) implement this proposed recruitment and selection strategies plan. The proposed strategies plan includes customized organizational recruitment goal, forecasted demographic changes, 5 year workforce analysis and workforce diversity objectives; and recommendations for organizational branding and methods for recruiting, screening and selecting candidates.

CCC Current and Forecasted Status

CCC, a commercial utility and earthmoving company has generated 10 million dollars in revenue annually and, with the expansion into Arizona, anticipates a 3% increase in revenue growth in the first year, after expansion (M. Luther Email, N.D.). To meet this projected increase in revenue CCC plans on expanding their current workforce from 650 to 780, a 20% increase, while maintaining their current turnover rate of 20%.

CCC’s Organizational Recruitment Goal

To recruit, place and retain top talented, skilled and well versed individuals that will positively impact CCC‘s vision of developing and promoting community advancement through commercial utility construction.

Forecasted Demographic Changes

In 2010 Arizona, like the rest of the United States experienced, experienced an increase in unemployment. In a study done in 2012 it was forecasted that from 2010 to 2010 the construction industry will have an increase in new jobs going from 111.5 thousand jobs to 166.2 thousand jobs, an increase by 49.1% (J.K. Brewer, September 2012). Further, the Bureau of Labor Statistics conducts annual employment status reports for those currently living in Arizona. In their 2011 study it was found that African Americans made up 15.2% of all unemployment and the second highest unemployment rate went to the Hispanic population at 12.7% (J.K. Brewer, September 2012). In having this dated information Atwood and Allen is able to project that the with the projected increase in new jobs by 49.1%, to include CCC’s 130 new jobs, CCC will have a large pool of talented African American and Hispanic individuals to recruit, evaluate, screen and place.

5 Year Workforce Analysis

Based on the information presented above, it is projected that the African American population will steadily increase over the next 5 to 10 years CCC will be able to continue to recruit from that ethnic pool. It is also important for CCC to recognize that Arizona anticipates an increase in the Hispanic population by 40% over the next 5 to years, in the construction industry alone (Huffpost, 2012). While collecting this data Atwood and Allen found unemployment educational rankings.

According to J.K. Brewer 2012 “the average unemployment rate is 4.9% for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree or higher; 8.3% for individuals with come college or an associate degree; 10.6% for high school graduates with no college; and 14.7% for adults who did not finish high school or earn a GED certificate.” This information was presented as it may serve as a training barrier or testing barrier further in the recruitment process and recommends CCC take this information into consideration when onboarding new hires as some individuals may require more time to learn and develop.

Workforce Diversity Objectives

As Arizona is a diverse state, CCC must place high importance on workforce diversity objectives and recommends CCC adapt the following: 1. To realize and maintain talented management leveled employees of various ethnic backgrounds, minorities, women and persons with disabilities who are capable of performing the required functions of the position. 2. To initiate a customized diversity assessment process that will analytically measure CCC’s positive and negative progress. 3. To decrease and eliminate the repetition of discriminatory employment practices for women, minorities and persons with disabilities.


Organizational Branding

Positive organizational branding will position CCC as, not only the top place for employment, but also as the leading commercial utility construction company who places the value of service and product first to ensure a safe and positive community. Communicating this brand through local newspapers, community meetings, social networking and local education institutes will strengthen the brand as CCC will make themselves a part of the community.

Recommendations for Methods for Recruiting, Screening and Selecting Candidates Recruiting

To ensure the recruitment of top experienced talent Atwood and Allen recommend CCC review current internal candidates while advertising externally. By recruiting internal and external candidates CCC will be able to reach a larger candidate pool. Atwood and Allen also recommend CCC use the following internal recruiting methods: internal employee referral and temporary to permanent placement. For external advertising, Atwood and Allen recommend CCC post vacancies to job portals such as workforce connections, employment dashboards and CCC’s website; social media, job fairs, and newspaper ads; and for top management positions a staffing agency or send out internal recruiters to pouch competitor talent.


Screening candidates to ensure a best fit is an important process and Atwood and Allen recommends CCC use the interview process, testing for position specific position, pre-employment background checks and drug and alcohol testing. In adopting these methods CCC will be able to eliminate liability while increasing talent. Further, to remove the possibility of discrimination Atwood and Allen recommend CCC develop a set of stand and uniform interview questions to be asked.

Selecting Candidates

Selection of candidates is an importance task. Atwood and Allen recommend that CCC make all selection decisions based stickily on: 1. The ability for the candidate to successfully meet and exceed individual and organizational expectations. 2. The talent and educational level of the candidate as required by the positions’ demands. 3. The candidate’s ability to fit into the established organizational standard, culture and personality. By basing selection decisions on these three customized standards CCC will ensure the selection and placement of top talented, driven and experienced individuals.


As CCC expands it is important to realize the impact of a bad hire in terms of cost and overall organizational impact. Therefore, to ensure CCC does not initiate a bad hire Atwood and Allen has presented this customized recruitment and selection strategic plan. This proposed plan included tailored standards and recommendations while capturing current and forecasted trends which CCC will be able to use to accept or modify Atwood and Allen’s recommendations recruitment and selection plan.

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