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Recruitment and selection process for Boots Essay

The recruitment and selection process is used to employ new people for the organisation, company or business. The recruitment process can be quite expensive due to the work and staff involved. Money is needed to advertise the position in newspapers, replying to candidates, paying interviewers, and also if candidates are successful then money will be needed to actually train them. In the selection process there are five main areas which are completed –

* Job descriptions

* Person specifications

* Advertising

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* Selection process

* Interviewing

Job descriptions

A job description is a list of the main tasks required to full fill the position. I have gathered evidence of a job description from Boots. The job description which I have collected states all of the tasks which are required, but in an actual job description only the main tasks will be noted. I have also got a job description from my local job centre but the information given is not enough for what would be required by an applicant. The description does not show the days which will be worked or even the type of work which will be required. More and more organisations like Boots, Marks and Spencer and Tescos have job descriptions for every job, from a Cleaner to a Managing Director.

There are three main ways in which a job description can be drawn up by the personnel department. These are –

* Line manager can draw up a job description of what the job entails.

* Actual existing job holder can do it.

* Human resources manager can interview the job holder and the line manager to find out what the job involves.

The best approach out of these three options would be to interview the line manager and the job holder because the line manager may miss out little things which may be included in the job and the job holder will be able to give more information.

A job description also gives the applicants other details of the job which are necessary such as-

* Actual job title

* Location of the job

* Duration and hours required

* Main tasks required

* Pay and other benefits

* Person to contact and place to apply.

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