Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project

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Need to reduce internal costs. MYH, Inc. pays 20% more on healthcare premiums than the industrial average. This project would save $30 per employee per year for the next four years. Employees will benefit from the company sponsored recreational programs. Healhcare Coverage costs Business Model

This will reduce internal cost by allowing business modeling of various scenarios as well as tracking past employee expenses. This project would save $20 per employee per year for the next four years and cost about $100,000 to develop. This will help revise policies and help negotiate for lower premiums.

Cross-selling System

This project will increase sales to current customers.
This project will increase profits by $1 million for the next three years. Development and maintenance cost each year is $800,000 This project develops an application to improve cross-selling to current customers when purchasing multiple products/services. Web Enhanced Communication System

This project will increase sales to current customers.
Will save the company $2 million for the next three years. It will cost $3 million to develop and 20% a year to maintain.

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Web-based application that will improve development and delivery of products and services.

Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project allows employees to register for company-based programs and classes, such as soccer, bowling, jogging, walking, and other sports. This project also allows the employees and employers to track data on the recreational and health management programs. This will offer incentives for people to join the programs and do well in them. this in return will help to negotiate a lower insurance premium.

Health Coverage Costs Business Model Is an application that tracks employees health care expenses and company health care costs.

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This application allows business modeling of various scenarios as well as tracking and analyzing current and past employee healthcare expenses and company healthcare costs.

Cross-Selling System helps improve cross-selling to current customers. The current sales management has separate sections for major products/services categories and different sales based on these products and services sales to the current customers by providing the customer with discounts when purchasing multiple products.

Web-Enhanced Communications System is a web-based application to improve development and delivery of products and services. These are currently several incompatible systems related to the development and delivery of products and services. This application allows customers and suppliers to provide suggestions, enter orders, view the status and history of orders.

1.0 Introduction/ Background
Manage Your Health, Inc. (MYH) is a Fortune 500 company that provides a variety of healthcare services across the globe.
2.0 Business Objective
MYH recently updated its strategic plan, and key goals include reducing internal cost, increasing cross-selling of products, and exploiting new Web-based technologies to help employees, customers, and suppliers work together to improve the development and delivery of health care products and services.
3.0 Current Situation and Problem/Opportunity Statement

A recent study found that MYH, Inc. pays 20 percent more than the industry average for employee health care premiums, primarily due to the poor health of its employees. By developing a program to help employee wellness and track employee involvement and progress. This would also offer incentives for employees that join and do well. 4.0 Critical Assumption and Constraints

Recreation and Wellness Intranet Project would organize current services and provide easy access to new services. The new system will run on existing hardware and software and will be easily accessible by employees. 5.0 Analysis of Option and Recommendation

There are three options for addressing this opportunity:
1. Do nothing. We can continue to operate without the new project 2. Design and implement the new intranet capabilities in-house using existing hardware and software. 3. Require employees to pay a higher rate for insurance.

Based on discussions with stakeholders, we believe that option 2 is the best option. 6.0 Preliminary Project Requirements
The main feature of the Recreation and Wellness site includes the following: 1. Allow employees to register for company-sponsored recreational programs. 2. Allow employees to register for company classes and programs. 3. Track data and progress of employee involvement in these programs. 4. Offer incentives for employees to join the programs.

7.0 Budget Estimate and Financial Analysis
The estimated costs for the project is $200,000 based on the cost to develop the new system. Maintenance costs of $50,000 to update the information and changes. Reducing the insurance cost per employee by $30 each year for four years. Project benefits are about $600,000 per year for four years. 8.0 Schedule Estimate

Project completion within six months and the new system will have a lifespan of at least four years. 9.0 Potential Risks
Lack of interest in the new system by employees which will hinder lower insurance premiums. putting money in the project and unable to recoup the costs.

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