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Recording, Analysing & Using HR Information Essay

Essay Topic:

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This document will review the organisation’s approach to collecting, storing and using HR data. It will cover why the organisation needs to collect HR data, the different types of data that is collected and how it is beneficial to HR, different storing methods and their benefit and UK legislation relating to the recording, storage and access to HR data. HR data contains highly sensitive information such as salary, pension information, grievances, and basic personnel information (name, address, and telephone details).

A fine can be enforced up to ? 500. 000 in an organisation is found to have breached data protection.

Data Management: There are many different reasons why an organisation needs to collect HR data from ensuring legal requirements are meet, to provide relevant information in decision making and planning, health and safety, protection from claims, working time directive. If used correctly it can serve as a very useful management tool. Holding recruitment new starter paperwork that contains a national insurance number and passport picture is essential to proving someone is eligible to work in the UK, without proof of eligibility the organisation can face a fine.

Inductions record when an employee has been through the necessary requirements to do their role such as a health and safety course, and manual handling. This can protect the organisation if a claim was to rise with regards to injury or illness. If an employee raises a grievance as they have reached an unacceptable level of sickness. We can use the data held on our systems with regard to absences to prove when they have been in work and for how long, if we keep meeting notes we can also prove how we evaluated the situation and the action that was taken which can be used if it went to a tribunal, or if HR was looking at process management.

The Inland Revenue can request data at any point from mileage, expenses, salary, national insurance, therefore it is essential we keep records such as P60, payslips, expense reports so this data can be crossed checked and proof that we have paid an employee correctly. Data Storage: From the moment an application is received to the moment an employee receives their P45 an organisation holds data. We call this the ‘Life Cycle of and Employee. ’ There are two methods in which we store data: Manual Records: This can be filing cabinets and folders held within storage cupboards.

His is kept mainly as a backup should electronic systems fail or where original documents must be retained as a legal requirement such as a maternity MATB1 form. The benefits of this are the data is easily accessible and will not be prone to any electrical power failures or computerised scams which corrupt data. However there is the risk of keys being lost or data being seen by unauthorised personnel if it is not put away correctly. To prevent such occurrence a clear desk policy could be implemented.

Systems: This can be excel spreadsheets that hold reports and link to other systems such as SAP, which is where we hold employee information such as address, salary, pension, hours worked, absences. The benefits of this method means you do not have to search numerous files as the data is held in one place, which is useful if an employee data request is received. As a sustainable organisation it benefits the environment as we don’t use paper. Documents are easily maintained and can be moved to different servers or USB devices for storage.

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