Record Management System Essay

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Record Management System

A student record is about any written information about the students. Student records are often viewed as paperwork produced for the education accreditations. However, a well-designed student record system, whether using paper documents or automated systems, produce many benefits. The most important of these is the ability to report information for decision making about individual students, school and programs. A second benefit, particularly with automated systems, is efficiency in processing and exchanging student records among schools. The focus on student outcomes and records has been a burden to our school, for them to monitor well the information and the performance of the students. Various student records, data and information were required to have proper organization and management to provide sustainable student record.

This thesis or system helps the school’s administrator or the teachers for maintaining the records of the students. As technology changes, we want to be updated or to be modernized. Using the manual record and grading system, sometimes causes to confusion. We all know that manual record system are just hand written, so it may cause confuse someone just because he or she cannot understand the hand writing of the person and also sometimes the student records are being misplace. Unlike in automated record system, the information’s can be clearly understood because it is computerized and can be kept in a folder.

In the past, universities and large school districts in particular have created their own bespoke student record systems. One such example is the Repository of Student Information (ROSI) system at University of Toronto. With growing complexity in the business of educational establishments, most organizations now choose to buy customizable software, and increasing numbers are buying software as a service. Most student information systems in use today are server-based, with the application residing on a central computer server, and being accessed by client applications at various places within and even outside the school. But student information systems have been moving to the web since the late 1990s and that trend is accelerating as institutions replace older systems.

In the Philippines, some of the university used the Student Recording System or Student Information Systems. Like in Benguet State University, they provide their new way record management and transaction processing that wouldachieve efficiency on processing student information. It would be a great help to the administrativepersonnel, academic personnel, grantors or stakeholders, parents and students in updating, retrievingand generating student data.

Importance of the Study

The study entitled “Guidance Record Management for Cavite State University Imus Campus” will help the university to maintain an organized and systematic record for guidance unit. The web- based record management will serve as a bridge between the student and the guidance office. The study will help the Guidance Office to manage the Student Information Profile, the offenses and the good morals of the student. It will build a foundation in becoming more efficient of the guidance servicing unit in Cavite State University Imus Campus.

The universities students will help the student to access easily the Guidance Unit and enjoy its services. They can be easily update to the universities announcements and will be aware of their offenses. The study also enables the examinee to know the result of the exam through online and download it for the requirements needed for the enrollment. They can now access the guidance office on their home now with the help of internet. The study will serves as a reference for the future researchers who will study the guidance servicing unit. It will give them wide information about the study and broaden their knowledge. I recommend the future researcher to make the study more emphasize and broader.

Statement of the Problem

In the Cavite State University Imus Campus, Guidance Office still using a semi‐computer based system and paper‐based student record management. Staff finds it tedious in searching and preparing reports on student’s information and also laborious due to repetition of processes done in filling and
updating of records. As main goals of the school, it sought to answer the following questions: The Student Information Profile Sheets has been disseminated in the university for the Guidance Record. But the said SIPs failed due to lack of time to sort all the records. How to provide an easy way to manage all the records of the students and easily fill-up the information? (See Appendix A, Figure 3).

Every end of semester, staffs need to pass their accreditations for their accomplishment reports. It is undeniably and obviously, that making reports in Guidance Office was very laborious. How will it be easier for them to finish their accomplishment reports? (See Appendix A, Figure 4). Every end of semester, the Discipline Officer/ Entrance Examination Officer conducting an entrance examination. It hassles them to accommodate over one hundred examinees just to announce the result of their examination.

How to provide an alternative way to announce the entrance examination results? (See Appendix A, Figure 5). The request of good moral is hassle for the students because they need to photocopy the requests and wait for the long 3-day working process of the Guidance Office. How to provide the student can easily request and get their Good Moral Certificates and help the Discipline Officer to its recording? (See Appendix A, Figure 6).

Objectives of the Study

The study aims to develop a web-based application for Guidance servicing Unit in Cavite State University Imus Campus. Generally, the study aimed to design to create a website that will render the services of Guidance Unit in Cavite State University. It shall help the university to manage the student’s information. It will also enable the student to fill-up and generate their Student Information Profile (SIP). It will also provide the announcement for the entrance exam results every semester and update the students’ every day. It should also have a high security and control measures for the student’s privacy. It will then produce a new transaction, Good Moral Certificate request online and record management of student offenses. And lastly, it will improve the generation of record reports.

Specifically, the study aimed to;
1. Plan a website that will enable the student to fill-up their SIP and the university to manage the SIPs.
2. Design an entrance examinees result online.
3. Design a new way for making an accomplishment reports.
4. Analyze the process for requesting and releasing good moral certificates.

Time and Place of the Study

The system development started last August 2014. The researcher’s interview was conducted on June 2014 located at Cavite State University Imus Campus. They conducted requirements gathering and system construction on July 2014. In September 2014, the researcher stated doing the documentation of the study. The study is expected to be done by the end of September 2014.

Scope and Limitation

The study is conducting for the efficient student record keepings. The study is limited only to the features like SIPs record, entrance examination results, university announcements, information’s security, new Guidance transactions and generation of reports. The said features are only made for the Guidance Service Unit of Cavite State University Imus Campus.

The Guidance Administrators (Guidance Counselor and Discipline Officer) are the authenticated persons to manage the system. They can add offenses, view incident reports, add announcements, view all the student information, and view Good Moral Certificate requests and display the entrance examination results.

Students can only view announcements, submit incident reports, view their profile, request good moral and be notify about their offenses. Examinees can only view their entrance examination result. And the teachers can only submit an incident report.

Definition of Terms

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Is a style sheet language used for designing the look and formatting of a document written in a markup language and which enables to separate the designing from coding. Downloadable. Receiving a data from the local server and convert it to a file. Mysql. Used for making a relational database management system. Online.Accessing the website through internet connection and its done over the internet. PHP. A general purpose programming language designed in making a website. Record Management System (RMS). An application that is responsible for collecting inputted data. Student Information System (SIS).An application that organized, record and manage the information of student.


Presented here in Chapter 2 is the synthesis of research that supports the evaluation of record management system and student information system. For further understanding of the study, the researchers made use of different reading materials related to the online system.

Related Literature

Presented here in Chapter 2 is the synthesis of research that supports the evaluation of record management system and student information system. For further understanding of the study, the researchers made use of different reading materials related to the online system. These materials such as books, thesis and other web articles are essential in broadening the knowledge of the researchers. These will also guide the researchers to achieve their target objectives by getting ideas on other related studies and make improvements as possible. The information gathered by the researchers focuses on the record management. Security measurement information in terms of student’s information privacy to be considered in developing an online system is also obtained. Marrero (2009) in his study entitled “Student Information System for the University of the Cordilleras” stressed that the concept of Information Systems (IS) emerged in the early 1960s.

More often, when information system is defined, the field Information Science is always associated, IS is an academic field that deals with the generation, collection, organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of recorded knowledge. Furthermore, it is a collection of related components designed to support operations, management, and decision making in an organization. Generally, IS is supposed to inform people. Information System supports people or users in making intelligent decisions based upon the information derived from reliable data. MIT (2009) gave emphasis that Student Information System (SIS) provides students with access to their academic and biographic records as well as the ability to update their address information and pre‐register for classes; it provides instructors and departmental administrators with class list information; and provides advisors and departments with access to the individual academic records of their students.

Therefore, SIS is an integrated approach in acquiring, storing, analyzing and controlling the flow of student data throughout the institution. Highly developed SIS can be useful in nearly all institutionalInternational Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research Issue 4 201341 ISSN 1839‐9053 departments’ functions and can greatly increase efficiency and response times of traditional labor and time‐intensive processing of student data. According to Desousa (2008), Web based application have four core benefits. These are the following: 1) Compatibility. Web based applications are far more compatible across platforms than traditional installed software like web browsers. 2) Efficiency. Everyone hates to deal with piles of paper unless they do not have any other alternatives.

The benefit of web based solution makes services and information available from any web‐facilitated Personal Computer (PC). 3) Security of live data. Normally in more complex systems data is moved about separate systems and data sources. In web‐based systems, these systems and processes can often be merged by reducing the need to move the data around. Web‐based applications also provide an additional security by removing the need for the user to have access to the data and back end servers. 4) Cost Effective. Web‐based applications can considerably lower the costs because of reduced support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and simplified plans.

According to Tech-Faq (2013), the programming language called PHP is quickly rising to be one of the most preferred web browser programming languages due to its user-friendliness, efficiency, and user control. PHP allows a user to describe specific functions within the code in order to drastically control the way a web browser displays and organizes information. A user is able to mix PHP and HTML within the same document to reach the desired effect. According to Vennapoosa (2013), Throwaway Prototyping Model is especially useful when the project needs are vaguely and poorly laid out. It functions by providing proof that something can indeed be done in terms of systems and strategies. Throwaway Prototyping Model is used for certain projects and will eventually be discarded after the project has been completed. It is also known as Close-Ended Prototyping.

Related Studies

In the Online Student Information System of Benguet State University (OSIS-BSU), Philippines of Ms. Rochelle D. Pacio (2013) in Benguet State University. She used the Rapid Application Development (RAD) Methodology with the development of 30- 90 days. The proposed online student information system is integrated to the website of the university which serves as a portal for the students.

The system covers the posting and updating of students’ personal data sheet. The Student Information System of University of Baguio, proposed by Ms. Elisabeth D. Calub (2005) of Saint Louis University. She used the Goal-Exception Dependency (GED) Model. This model serves as the student information of the University of Baguio. It serves as the portal and announcement viewer of the students.

The Student Guidance System, a thesis proposal of Mr. Jay Pabs (2004) with a methodology of Agile. The purpose of this program is to record the complaints and or problem of a student in guidance office. This will keep track the past record of a certain students by using this program. And of course, to eliminate a paper work, retrieve the record easily, and create a report.

Based on the three studies, authors conclude that it would be still easier to use the Throwaway prototyping. There are some features that were alike of this project. So there is no so much adaptation in those theses

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