Record Keeping Thesis Essay

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Record Keeping Thesis



Now a days, technology are rapidly improving, computers are commonly use specially in some business. However some users are not typically having knowledge about in computer. But now technology improve the system to make users can easily access or operate. In this study we want to develop a new system in Jumil’s Funeral Co. Record Keeping System that will help them to minimize the time in manual recording in their business and avoid the wrong information in their clients and also keep the record safe and secure for the sake of the clients or customer and this system will improve their business.


Mrs. Marites Barrion starts in 1993 on Mahabang Parang Binangonan Rizal in just only casket making, but Mrs. Marites Barrion is not satisfied in casket making. In 1997 she builds her own branch in Calumpang Binangonan Rizal. After finishing her branch in Calumpang Binangonan Rizal, Mrs. Marites Barrion try to make a metal casket and that casket make her business rise up. The name “Jumil’s” is came from the name of her parents “Jun Barrion and Milagros Barrion and combining the initials of her sisters and only one brother, Jonathan, Jennifer, Marites and Sarah.


• As we strive to our vision, we ego our full commitments to all plan holders. We shall provide the quality services, packages and affordable offerings as unique as each person at all times.


• As we hold true to our loved ones in life. We shall honor and remember them in their journey above and beyond as a funeral services thru lay-away plans. • We are committed to serve families and individually in faiths and colors through preparation in beyond life. • We the Jumil’s Funeral Co. lay-away plans and established our selves locally and communities best in keeping our heritage of genuine concern and compassion care, we shall strengthen our competitive edge by using state of funeral art technologies and continuing a branch of serves that is to a professionalism, loyalty, dignity and integrity.

Statement of the Problem

This study will enhance the manual process of Jumil’s Funeral Co. into computerized process.

The system aims to solve the following problems:
1. Errors in recording
2. Consuming lot of time in writing the record
3. Can easily access to record and edit the information In order to make a new system we must know or identify how the existing system works. This is how theoretical framework works on our study, identifies how your existing system works and how does the cycle of your existing system.

The System Paradigm (Figure1) shows Jumil’s Funeral Co. Record Keeping System. The development life cycle must be considered to improve the existing system used by the School. It must go through the passes wherein the inputs become computerized. Jumil’s Funeral Co. Record Keeping System The development of the Jumil’s Funeral Co. Record Keeping System relies on the approach and the step-by-step process, which is frequently called Systems Development Life Cycle. Systems Development Life Cycle (figure2) provides traditional and structured programming approach. This allows the researchers to analyze, design, and develop a system that would help the problem considered.

System Paradigm

Objective of the study
The aim of this study is to develop the Jumil’s Funeral Co. Record Keeping System that will help them to lessen the errors and complaints. Objective:
1. Easily to indicate the clients records;
2. To preview the records easy and effortless
3. To maintain the records safe and secured

Significance of the Study
Socio-economic significance

In this study, the proposed system will inspire other students to develop an effective and efficient system.

Technological significance

The proposed system will introduce technology to the other funeral services that until now is using the manual method of recording their client records.


The proposed system will simplify and automate everyday tasks and can help maximize time spent with other work thereby providing better service making it more profitable.


The proposed system will make it easier for the funeral service especially to the clients to give detailed information about the records of the deceased person. The proposed system will help the employees/owner to make every records can preview easier and fast.


The proposed system will help the employees to give correct records on clients and can easily find the persons record.


The proposed system will help the researchers to develop their writing, analysis, and interpretation skills needed to make a good thesis.

Future Researchers

The proposed system will help the other researchers that have similar studies as they can get background information from the result of this study which will serve as their basis to finish their research.

Scope and Delimitation of the Study

In general, the focus of this study is directed towards the improvement and development of Jumil’s Funeral Co. Record Keeping System. The study is largely dependent on the honesty, sincerity and integrity of the respondents. In this proposed system, taking a records will be computerized and will provide copies for the customer/clients. However, the proponents give level of security of the system to the proprietor. The Proprietor has only the full access of the system and confidential records. The system can also print about all the records. The Operating System used in the system is Windows XP or Higher using Visual Basic 6.0 as the front end of the system and Microsoft Access as the database.


The group was expected to furnish the needs of Jumil’s Funeral Co. with regards to the Proprietor and Employees for the easiest way of recording process. The study has been developed by the following assumptions:

1. Time saving
2. Everything will be control such as deceased person information, and their records
3. Checking will be easy

Design Methodology

What goes in each stages of the system development life cycle, which the group goes after in providing the possible solution, it’s testing and implementation is as follow: 1. Identifying problems, opportunities and objectives. In this phase the group determines whether the problem exist and has solution. The group has created a project plan, which will help or serve as a guide in solving the problem. The researchers also conducted a feasibility study that will determine whether system is needed. 2. Determining information needed. In this phase, the group analyzes and understands what information the GAS needs in their system. 3. Analyzing system needed. In this stage the researchers prepared the system proposal that summarizes the details that been found, provide cost- benefit analysis of alternatives and make recommendation of what should be done.

4. Designing the recommended system. In this stage the group will work on designing the output that will meet the information needs. After recommendation and approval, the group will eventually design a database system. 5. Developing and documenting software. The group will provide the original software that is needed. Documentation lets the user know how to use the software and manages the problems occurs. 6. Testing and maintaining the system. Information is not applicable to use unless it undergone several test in this stage a series of tests are executed to pinpoint the problems. System maintenance includes modification of the system due to changes within the inventory process. 7. Implementation and evaluating the system. After verifying and testing the information gathered, training the user to handle the system and installation of the system is necessary in this phase.

Definition of Terms

The terms below were defined for a deeper understanding of users and other researchers. Database – is an application that manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval of that data. Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 – is a programming language and integrated development environment (IDE). It derives from the much older BASIC programming language, and so is considered a useful and relatively easy programming language for the beginner to learn. Visual Basic (VB) is now integrated into many different software applications and also web applications. Visual Basic 6.0 was the final edition of Visual Basic and was followed by Visual Basic.NET. Windows – is the most popular operating system for personal computers.

There are several versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows XP (for home users) and Windows 2000 (for professional users). Earlier versions of Windows include Windows 3.1, 95, 98, ME, and NT. All Windows platforms use a graphical user interface (GUI), like the Mac OS, and also offer a command-line interface for typing text commands. System – An organized, purposeful structure regarded as a whole and consisting of interrelated and interdependent elements (components, entities, factors, members, parts etc.). These elements continually influence one another (directly or indirectly) to maintain their activity and the existence of the system, in order to achieve the goal of the system.

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