Reconstructed Portrait of Juan Dela Cruz Essay

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Reconstructed Portrait of Juan Dela Cruz

This kind of article is somewhat made to be funny upon criticism although some of his statements are true but need adequate citation of example. The author’s points are thoughts of a typical charlatan English 101 passer that wants to show off his talent in composition of proses like this one. Nevertheless, I will give my comments on the statement given by him.

First, the author’s claim of Filipinos’ uniqueness when it comes to humor didn’t work. The statement “…people making fun of their own mistakes…” makes me think of humorous videos of other races laughing at their own mistake, the statement doesn’t prove the uniqueness of the subject.

And the part of the said article where “sense of humor” is talked about comes with a complicated context that it blends the positive and negative statement in one part of the text. He could’ve written it in a flow which either of the two statements comes first. Second, the issue of the Filipinos speaking foreign languages for them (foreigners) to appreciate the hospitality of the natives; it doesn’t seem to make a sense. For all I know, it’s a part of tourism. This statement proves that we only please the foreigners by speaking their language in our country and they do not speak our language in their country when we visit as tourist is baseless, the foreigners teach us their language and vice versa it serves as a souvenir, a token of knowledge. Maybe the author doesn’t know that we learn “konichiwa, aloha, que tal?” and they learn “mabuhay, kumusta ka” and “mahal kita” through this mean, it is hospitality Mr. author.

Third, describing the creativity of Filipinos by mentioning “when there is a big flood, they take it to their advantage to go up on the roofs of their houses to fish tilapia for their dinner.” this has nothing to do with creativity and inventiveness, climbing up the roof on a big flood is not creative, it is matter of life and death, they are not there to go fishing, they are trying to save their lives Mr. author.

Fourth, the claim of us Filipinos being great violators is a mere blind judgment and an exposition of colonial mentality; violating street signs, eating medically prohibited food, buying pirated goods, “walang ganyan sa states”? I don’t think so. American people do these things worse than we do.

Fifth, cramming is compared to the story of Juan Tamad, I don’t really think it’s related at all.

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